Chris Bishop – The Patron Saint of Niche Policy


Ummmm. What?

MP Chris Bishop to introduce bill for BYO alcohol at the races
For many communities the days of bringing your own beer or wine to race meetings are already over, but proposed new legislation could see them return and keep police out of meddling in future events.

A new members billl, to be put forward by MP for Hutt South Chris Bishop, aims to clarify the law around BYO alcohol areas at race meetings.

“A glass of wine or beer in the sun with some chips and dip is a Kiwi tradition. Some race meets have allowed BYO for more than 135 years,” he said in a statement.

…look, I think people should be able to drink booze they bring to at a day of outdoor gambling if they wish, but to waste the Parliament’s time with this?

Who the hell is Chris Bishop? The Patron Saint of Niche Policy?

Of all the things that need our immediate attention in this country – bring your own piss to horse gambling day seems pretty bloody low on the list right?

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  1. Is New Zealand racing truely in crises? Go to Chris Bishops social media and things will seem worse than ever. Political divisions will remain prominent as long as basic things for the general population don’t matter to voters more than the things that divide them. This may be a natural flaw in advanced democratic systems.

    The answer to the question is far more complicated than it might be on the surface. I’m still young, still learning. But I am curious about the answers to questions, you know… Who truly holds the power and who covers ass.

  2. Aw… showing those little thumbs. The ones they’ve had stuck up their arses.
    bishop will be sucking up to moron farmers, those too dopy to dare to think more deeply than a bird bath.
    Own booze to the races…? How deeply embarrassing. How globally embarrassing.

  3. When the Nats aren’t wasting time with this mindless populist shit they are, like Nathan Guy and others, proposing 4 lane freeway nirvana around their electorates.

    Facts and questions;

    You were the MP in Otaki for 9 years plus.

    You were a Minister!

    Your party had as a key policy Roads of National Significance (motorways everywhere!)

    So whilst a Minister for 9 years, where the fuck were you if this was such a concern?

    Other very simple questions;

    Nathan, how many extra million cubic tonnes of CO2 can be delivered by building this motorway in your backyard?

    What is Nationals climate change policy?

    Do you believe in Climate Change?

    Nathan, do you realise the Arctic Ice cap is melting rapidly, just for starters.

    Why is accelerating Climate Change such a paramount issue for you?

    Nathan….are you an IDIOT?

    Or are you just a humble servant of a party of IDIOTS!

    Let us know please!

  4. Just what is needed at raceway meets, more booze. Because we just don’t have enough drunks vomiting at these places.

    Honestly, Nat mps are desperate to be “rebels with a cause”.

  5. Still haven’t got cheap and regular trains, but under the new govt NZTA have put up some median barriers in some dangerous spots, but the 3 dangerous bridges in his electorate are still f*cked, and not a word on changing them, just talk talk about a 4 lane freeway in 202? That sums up his campaigning myopia.

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