GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Christmas behind the Wire


Inmates’ barbecue day today outside in the quad . Thanks to those who contributed so many inmates who couldn’t afford the $7 fee could , if only once a year, attend a social event most in the outside world take for granted.

Miro Unit’s inmates had a great day on Friday at the barbecue.

It was the best food they had had for months – and paid for themselves btw.

2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 meat patties, tomato sauce, hamburger bun and 2 slices of bread .

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It was so filling & nutritious (compared to the normal prison fare), I couldn’t eat dinner on Friday .

Instead of the usual Friday lockup from 11.45 to 3 , we stayed in the yard all day. Barbecue cooks were inmates Josh ( a 6’4″ Mongrel Mobster) and Thomas. Officers contributed to the good atmosphere, even new Officer Helena , who wrote him up on a lot of petty charges ( including the “wearing a beanie indoors” charge ) when she was under the influence of a couple of senior officers who were feeding her misinformation.

An occasion like this helps prepare inmates for normal life , making reoffending less likely. When people are treated with dignity, most find it easier to gain insight into the causes of their offending.


Arthur Taylor is TDBs Prisoner Rights blogger currently inside prison.