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So when will the mainstream media apologise to Iain Lees-Galloway?

By   /  December 22, 2018  /  6 Comments

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You can see how the Trump attack line of ‘Fake News’ is so powerful can’t you?

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Dear mainstream media

You have been parroting National Party attack lines and shitting all over Iain Lees-Galloway for apparently getting the Karel Sroubek case wrong and it turns out the details  Srubek left NZ were actually left out of the Immigration case file – so where are your apologies now?

The whole thrust of your and National’s attack line was that Lees-Galloway was incompetent yet the facts that would have led Iain to deport Srubek weren’t in the file, so where are the apologies?

Tova O’brien was one of the loudest voices, what did she say when her bullshit attack blew up in her face?


Instead of acknowledging she’s been played by National Party spin Drs, it’s now a tantrum over transparency?

You can see how the Trump attack line of ‘Fake News’ is so powerful can’t you?

This is just bullshit of the highest level, and what’s more damning is that this Srubek fake news has been am mowed to eclipse the fat the state wholesale spied on the people.

If you are not angry yet by the behaviour of the mainstream media, you are not paying attention.



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  1. JustMe says:

    I kind of think we New Zealanders live in perpetual hope that either the mainstream NZ media or the Opposition Parties apologises for one thing or another. It is like either or both organisations are so much into each others pockets etc and especially financially that they are binded to each other in a contract of misery making and creating. And all for the purpose of selfish ‘upmanship’ which is a National Party disease through and though. I doubt either will apologise as it’s totally alien to them.
    The mainstream NZ media is over-satuated with so-called journos who are so thoroughly into the NZ National Party pocket that they have achieved the ‘accolade’ of being looked upon as the lowest of the low and the Mouthpieces of the NZ National Party. Tova Obrien, Mike Hosking, Katie Hawkesby, Barry Sloper, Heather Du Plesiss-Allan, John Roughan, Mark Richardson and so many others confirm to us all their true and blue political leanings with their utterly ridiculous articles.
    Now Hosking and Hawkesby are probably next door neighbours and bosom buddies of John Key then perhaps we had better look behind the lines of the Hosking/Hawkesby articles in the NZ Herald and hear John Key speaking the words whilst Hosking and Hawkesby apply their names to the articles???!!!!!
    But then whilst he was prime minister of New Zilland(as he called this fine country)John Key(aka Sir Lies-alot)conducted a successful witch-hunt of weeding out of the main stream NZ media the more intelligent and credit-worthy journos because they questioned his(Key’s)limited mental abilities deeply and profoundly. Key didn’t like being questioned let alone criticised. And this attitude remains with National through to this very day.
    I am certain Sroubek was galavanting around the world even back to his homeland of the Czech Republic even whilst there was a National government. I am sure the National government of the day were advised about him but turned a blind eye because he was portrayed as a sport-person(we all know Key just so loved sports people and ponytails(not that Sroubek had one which is fortunate for him in a way)and National wanted to perhaps show to the world how sports-obsessed they were and prepared to help anyone who claimed they were being threatened even in their very homeland.
    There is alot not made public or known even in the media in regards to Sroubek that even National don’t want to admit to because it would make them appear less credit-worthy of voting for at the next election.
    And so probably the loudest voices in the mainstream NZ media that are so into the NZ National Party pocket are the ones with the least concerns but there will be others in the NZ National Party that will be hoping nothing that sways against National will come out in the wash.
    But naturally National and their supporters i.e the mainstream NZ media will always blame everyone else but the faces staring back at them in the mirrors.

  2. Jam Tomorrow says:

    Much of what the above named political commentators put out is really a corruption of the democratic process and an undermining of the elected government. It is a form of treachery. It is wealthy vested interests
    constantly manipulating the views of the uninformed assisted by M and K . Hoskins, B and H Soper et al as per above, whose natural philosophy
    is a right wing conservative belief in the rightness of a society of of haves and have-nots.
    These people are a disgrace and have no place in a mature and enlightened unbiased NZ media.

  3. Trevor Sennitt says:

    Evan with incomplete information why would want or need this criminal to remain in NZ. Australia has the right idea when it comes to non citizens that break the law SEND THEM HOME . We have enough home grown criminals without importing them.
    This is one of a group of ministers that Jacinda needs to weed out next year.

  4. Rucklands says:


    The whole Sroubek farce was yet another National dead cat. Is it coincidence that it happened along when they were under the gun with JLR? Coincidence also that they knew the ins and outs of it all right from the beginning?
    The MSM have run and run and run with this ever since.
    The last major dead cat was of course the 11 billion budget hole which oddly enough happened along when National was being over-run by Jacindamania.
    Nothing new. Just more of the same. When will we learn?

  5. bert says:

    Luckily I no longer listen to O’ Brien. I turn on the mute when the corrupt political one eyed reporter comes on and I took TDB advice some time ago and stopped listening to Mike and Kate Hoskings vile. I am so much happier nowadays.

    One piece of advice for them however, New Zealand is in a far greater state in just one year of a Labour lead coalition, than 9 years of appalling right wing neglect.

    • sumsuch says:

      Good summary of the political focus group guided National Govt, Bert. John Key’s major regret , the flag shit?! Shallow, the best National can do. In reaction to their ideological worst people resent them for. Not as bad as it could be yet , yes, utmost serious neglect.

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