MEDIA WATCH: Micro-Aggression Policing at its most Woke


She’s my wife, so stop correcting me to say ‘partner’

However, while the more overt homophobia has certainly died down somewhat, I’ve noticed an odd trend that won’t die.

I’m not sure if it’s deliberate homophobia, or quite what’s going on, but a few times a month since we got married I’ve had customer service people, folks in stores, and even people working in PR, passively correct me when I say “wife”.

This was such a funny column as it seemed to have two woke issues colliding into each other.

The writer feels aggrieved that her same sex partner is referred to as ‘partner’ and not wife – this is homophobia she concludes – the funny bit is that feminists have decried the term wife as sexist because the word implies submission and have demanded the word partner.

What the writer feels is discrimination might actually be an attempt to be polite by using the term partner.

The moral of the story is that in today’s confused micro-aggression policing world you are never right and always committing some hate crime no matter what you do.

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Welcome to the madness that is perpetual Millennial aggrieved culture.


  1. It seems like in 2018 everybody who had a platform was getting on their respective “woke box”. It was always a matter of time before the Millennial snowflake SJWs started having contradicting opinions resulting in them consuming each other. Unfortunately for them, outside of an actual cave with no internet connectivity, there is no space “safe” enough that their delicate feels won’t be provoked.
    2018: the year of the “woke box”. Also here’s a great life hack (especially relevant to women): never blindly trust male feminists – they are almost guaranteed to be disingenuous in their opinion (i.e. they actually want to get laid with their wokeness).

  2. You’re my kind of Leftie, Bombadier.

    Power-hungry Intersectionals reaching Peak Crazy.

    Looks increasingly like an attempted Hijack of the Left by some remarkably privileged (& ruthlessly self-interested) elites distorting & weaponising otherwise sound progressive ideals … a dysfunctional little cult mired in multiple paradoxical axioms … some of which are coming back to haunt them.

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