Stuff & Newshub decides Plunket-Marvelly twitter grudge match is newsworthy – this is what it sounds like when the Emotional Support Peacocks cry


Oh sweet Jesus, is it Christmas already? Are the newsrooms being staffed by the Millennial graduates already? Is this why this fucking meaningless dribble is in the ‘news’ section of Stuff and Newshub?

Sean Plunket, Lizzie Marvelly let loose on social media after rising tension at Hamilton event
Media personalities Lizzie Marvelly and Sean Plunket are giving each other grief on Twitter after things got a little out of hand at a function in Hamilton.

The two were at the third and final Hamilton Press Club event of the year on Friday, at which Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman was the guest speaker.

During question time, Plunket had the floor when there was an interjection. Plunket responded with “f… off”, or maybe “f… you”.

Marvelly’s Twitter account shows a tweet, timed at 2.46pm on Thursday, which says: “When Sean Plunkett screams ‘f… you!’ at one of my friends in front of a room full of our colleagues, that’s where I draw the line. Disgusting.”

…I love how desperately diplomatic Steve Braunias tries to be towards the alt-Right and woke left snowflakes who have managed to make this micro-aggression into a war crime. It’s the heteronormative patriarchy blame game gal pal squad vs the ‘not all men’ fuckwit brigade.

This is what it sounds like when the Emotional Support Peacocks cry.

Folks, I’m not a religious chap, but I think a moment of meaninglessness like this on the front page of one of our leading ‘news’ sources calls for prayer.

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“Dear Media Jesus.

Please, please, please put this type of ‘journalism’ behind a Paywall.


Meanwhile, the fucking planet is melting!


  1. Those pay walls aren’t working. People will except propaganda is its well written. Only the truth, and nothing but the truth will save corporate media now.

  2. Mate, I am so over all these whinging whining attention seeking creeps as of late. What has Lizzie Marvelly ever done for anyone except go on about her effing journey, let alone the tool Plunkett? Great come back line though…

    On the positive a very very good article on what is wrong in the West and it first off blamed the left and when I read on more it made such perfect sense when talking about why democracy is falling apart.

    “It is the fault of the hard left, whose loudest voices are so consumed with identity politics and bourgeois inner-city obsessions that they have completely lost touch with the mainstream working class it once claimed to represent. A left that has so tightened its ideological grip on academia that it has effectively recast neo-Nazis as champions of free speech”. This firmly sums up The Standard and Greater Auckland blogs.

    This also sums up the utter self-indulgent shit you read from one end of media and blog sites to the other as of late. The “left” left the room quite some time ago, consumed by the entitlements and non-negotiable rights of mating non-gender specific American cockroaches that must be addressed before we can move on to the next crisis in their pathetic lives.

    The “Rights” abysmal self absorbtion speaks for itself.

    • Good article, thanks for sharing. I’m sure some can & will pick it apart, or criticize it for being lacking in detail, but it’s a good first blush.

  3. Those who are in control of the information flow in NZ do not want an informed populace. They want mindless consumers. And the tiny portion of the populace that is informed has been rendered powerless.

    The monster of BAU rides rough-shod over everyone and everything.

    ‘Meanwhile, the fucking planet is melting!’

    It sure is. And those who have the REAL power (surely not the politicians) will ensure it carries on melting.

    ‘UN climate accord ‘inadequate’ and lacks urgency, experts warn

    Agreement will fail to halt devastating rise in global temperature, say scientists’

  4. Oh deary me! The widdle woke princess snowflake had to put her widdle delicate foot down! Pluncketts a cunt, we all know that! But he is a god publicist, PR man, so I’m guessing he’ll be pumping something out for the rejuvenated TOP party or some org he’s about to head.

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