TWITTER WATCH: NZ Twitteratti woke mob silence journalist


One of the saddest things this year for Twitter in 2018 has been the Action Station Wellington Twitteratti woke mobs who manage to strangle any debate. They have all the nuance of Mao’s cultural revolution and hound any other view off line. Philip Matthews is a critical and important voice in the NZ political Twittersphere, forcing him off line is pretty ugly, the Wellington Twitteratti who have been egging each other to contact his employers to complain will be delighted…

…the irony is that if anyone approached the employers of the Wellington Twitteratti and complained about their online bullying they would scream all day about being doxed.

If you are reading this Phillip, Fuck em comrade – this is Aotearoa, we are a god damned liberal democracy and free speech doesn’t die on our watch.

Kia kaha.



  1. The woke left are only interested in silencing and subverting. They offer nothing themselves and no alternatives, it’s all destruction all the time – it’s all about destruction for these people. Hilariously, they always inevitably end up sabotaging their own message, because the sort of zero-tolerance far-left “social justice” they promote can’t ever be achieved without shooting themselves in the foot (e.g. due to logically having to be equally tolerant of something they despise). It is truly glorious when they turn on themselves; something which is absolutely guaranteed to happen.

  2. The woke left read like a covert right wing faction designed and built to destabilise and confuse. They also read like ‘ social influencers’ to bend public awareness to suit the riche elite, which is, after all what this is all about.
    Everything political in NZ/AO is about money. Who has the largest amounts of the money of others and how they can keep secret, the details of how they got it. That’s it. That is all.
    My advice? Think of twitter etc as a highly contagious virus with deadly consequences if approached too closely. Avoid, if you want to retain the sanctity of your beautiful mind.

    • MJOLNIR: “Huh? What? Background on this please Martyn?”

      Yeah, me too. I have no idea what this story’s about. A link – if there is one – would be really useful.

  3. Charlotte Dawson.

    Several unnamed individuals accused initially of saying something in appropriate and eventually of rape, forced to leave jobs or the country.

    Rachel Stewart and other feminists.

    Now Phillip Matthews.

    And that is only after they moved to Twitter from Reddit, where they ran a bullying called “Area64”.

    Those who know the players of the Welligton Twitterati will recognise the faces in this banner taken from the Area64 (private page):

    The image above includes “DiaryMan” and “AMidnightVoyage”, “simonjtapp” and a number of other Twitterati personalities Dailyblogers can have fun pointing out.

    They have been doxxing and trying to ruin people as a game for years, so their complaints about doxxing are disingenuous. Their goal seems to try to get people to lose work, and whether someone deserves to be punished in some way seems besides the point to them. They want to cause harm. Why haven’t they been brought before the Harmful Digital Communications Act?

    The more you look into the Twitterati, the deeper back its history appears to go. How strange, to maintain a hate group across so many platforms for so many years!

    I would hope that Philip Matthews has done some good digging and has found the people who have been recording their behaviours since Reddit days.

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