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A brief history of some of my political activism, set to a certain poetic style…


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In 1976 they came for the native forests Pureora and Whirinaki, and I spoke out for environmental protection –
Not because  I was a ‘greenie’*, but because it was the right thing to do.

In 1978 they came for the Soviet dissidents and I spoke out on behalf of the victims of state oppression –
Not because I was a Russian, but because it was the right thing to do.

In 1981 they came from an apartheid regime to play rugby, and I spoke out for democracy in South Africa –
Not because  I was a black man, but because it was the right thing to do.

Now in 2018 they came to deny transwomen their right for inclusion, and I spoke out for the right of transpeople to be accepted for who they identify as –
Not because  I am a transman or transwoman, but because it is still  the right thing to do.

If they ever come for me –
Others will stand with me and speak up for me. Because it is always the right thing to do.


* I am now proud to call myself a ‘greenie’!
With grateful acknowledgement to Pastor Martin Niemöller  (1892–1984).







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  1. Thanks Frank for a nice piece for the morning after the night before.

    I’m musing on what makes a moral choice the right thing to do ? And what does that tell us about the nature of the universe and the meaning of life ?

  2. Except the gender critical feminists aren’t saying that, AFAICT. They are worried about the excesses of the trans rights activists, who are attacking and suppressing academics, denying basic biology, demanding experimental medical procedures, and spreading falsehoods to confused and vulnerable young people.

    This doesn’t help anybody, least of all adolescents suffering gender dysphoria

    • Bullpucky! None of that is remotely true Ropara. “Experimental surgery” my sainted arse. Thosevmedical procedures that are decades old. Stop reading Family First propaganda.

      Frank, big ups to you!!

    • Frank has given us his mind Cassie, and we will stand with him and speak up for him because it is the right thing to do – and how very nice it is to see another mellow man carrying the ideals of youth so steadfastly.

      It cheers me.

    • Well Cassie you must be a remarkable person being so confident that you are able to sum up the complex position of another’s mind in a short judgment.

      Frank’s position has had many changes over many decades, as can be reflected in the long time career of expressing thoughts and urging others to be more open minded on a wide range of issues, though letters to editors in the mainstream Wellington Newspapers. Long before the net was online, when making public comment took a lot more effort.

      Growing minds can express ideas without fear and modify those thoughts when greeted with new testable evidence.

      Sexual orientation or identification is a personal matter, and we all have a right to adopt who we feel we are in that respect.

      How you accept others and even support their right is up to you surely but to pour scorn on others who have done nothing to you is questionable.

      • Amen, John, amen. I recall Frank’s many letters to the TV Guide challenging the homophobic correspondents who regularly attacked gays and lesbians. His measured and thoughtful repostes were always a delight to read and I recall one occassion where he promised to send $10 (?) to a gay-related charity fighting to raise AIDS conciousness each time he saw a homophobic letter in the TVG’s letters column. The homophobes DID NOT LIKE THAT ONE BIT!! But he managed to turn a negative situation involving trolls into a positive one. Legend!!

        (I remember that instance with great clarity. At the time I was drinking coffee and spat out the whole thing in laughter at his clever strategy!! I showed my flatmates at the time and they cracked up as well!)

  3. See the giant hail kill the south African cows and level a forest?
    See the northern hemisphere covered in snow?
    See the drought and fire in California and Queensland?
    See the lack of sunspots and the extra million miles between the earth and the sun?
    See the French Capital and Greece BURN?
    See the grain crops wiped out to the tune of 30% world wide?
    See the record northern ice sheet and the melting antarctic volcanic activity?
    NO, thats cause green tinted sunglasses make it hard to see and constant lies make it hard to swallow.
    NZ politics couldnt be more off track and personality cult consumed, NZ journalism is a JOKE and a bad one, when Kiwis finally wake up it may well be too late.

  4. Come again, Frank!? … OIA we have shows transgender prisoners assaulted 9 people in prison between 2017 and 2018. 6 of the victims were women in women’s prisons (females assaulted by transwomen). 3 of the victims were men in mens prisons (i.e. males assaulted by a transwomen).

    As the current bill for Births Deaths Marriages & Relationships is sneaking through parliament quietly. It’s important to realise that the changes to the legislation will allow “anyone” to change their ID. That means their ‘sex’ choose their ‘gender’ unchecked. No need for a court process or JP or any evidence needed! Just rock up to internal affairs complete the paperwork and it’s done!
    Anybody can do this any number of times if they want too!
    The Police, Courts, Banks ect…are up to be taken on by a new breed of ID carrying fraudsters too!

    The 1.7% of the population that identify as a Trans-somebody is gunna be the next growth industry!

    Unfortunately, the Trans Community has been hi jacked by activists, not the real trans community who are fucked off with these little cunts!

    • What do those so-called OIA numbers prove? Nothing. What it dos show it that trans people are vulnerable to violence in prisons and your numbers fail to show the context. Or whether trans prisoners are given the help and support they need. If people are provoked into violence, the outcome serves the purpose of those trying to demonise them

      Looks to me like you’re trying to paint all transpeople in a negative light, Denny.

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