The Daily Blog Open Mic – Thursday 6th December 2018

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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Moderation rules are more lenient for this section, but try and play nicely.

EDITORS NOTE: – By the way, here’s a list of shit that will get your comment dumped. Sexist language, homophobic language, racist language, anti-muslim hate, transphobic language, Chemtrails, 9/11 truthers, climate deniers, anti-fluoride fanatics, anti-vaxxer lunatics and ANYONE that links to fucking infowar.  

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  1. Rodel says:

    Watched Jamie Lee Ross and Simon Bridges on TV the other day. Don’t like JLR much but he’s got a lot more charisma than Simon. He’d be a better leader.

  2. RED BUZZARD says:

    Not the mainstream neo MCarthyist media:

    ‘Bullhorns fight fake news’

    “From very bad to even worse – Russia-Ukraine relations. And Mike Pompeo gives credit to the Saudis for ‘relieving’ suffering in Yemen. And, is the Guardian simply fake news?

    CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Dmitry Babich, and Alex Christoforou.”


    ‘Yemen on the brink’

    “Yemen and the politics of denial and deceit. The Trump administration’s continued support of the Saudi-led war is morally indefensible and strategically counter-productive. Blaming Iran for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen only ensures more suffering. It is time to end this senseless conflict.

    CrossTalking with Joshua Landis and Giorgio Cafiero.”

    ….and ;

    ‘Julian Assange’s trials’

    “The fate of Julian Assange is unclear. Washington is determined that he be sent to the USA to face criminal charges, most likely under the 1917 Espionage Act. The British government is more than happy to make this happen. Even the Ecuadoreans are in on the act. What we are watching unfold in front of our eyes is the criminalization of journalism.

    CrossTalking with Joe Lauria, Patrick Henningsen, and Gareth Porter.”

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,