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  1. More half truths, misrepresentation and propaganda by the government, propagated by an ill informed, useless MSM:

    ‘Cheaper visits to the doctor and free GP visits for under-14-year-olds begins tomorrow’

    Any person who has ever had any real experiences with the NZ benefit system knows full well, that this will not mean that all those on benefits will have more money in their pockets, due to ‘cheaper’ doctor’s visits.

    Especially those needing to see a doctor or other medical practitioner regularly will not be one cent better off. Those on benefits who have health conditions that are at least 6 months in duration, they are entitled to and get what is called the Disability Allowance (DA).

    Those persons will now get cheaper doctor’s visits, yes, but at the same time that means they can claim less costs for the DA, so it means the DA will be cut, leading to them getting not one cent more in their pocket due to this new policy taking effect from tomorrow!!!

    So those in greatest need, those needing to see their doctor or other specialist regularly for longer periods or permanently, they will not be offered any improvement in their living conditions.

    The cheaper fees also mean that doctors may get a higher subsidy, but that has according to my GP been locked in for years. So increases in his costs will mean he will have to carry them, or find other ways to cover these.

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