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  1. Not the mainstream Neo McCarthyist media:

    ‘Pedophilia Case Cracks, More Dangerous Détente From Buenos Aires, and When Will Afghan Peace Talks Start’

    “Anya Parampil reports on millionaire investor, Jeffrey Epstein’s plea deal, which allowed him to serve a mere 13 months in prison for raping dozens of underage girls. She breaks down how Epstein leveraged his vast political and legal connections to cover up the extent of his crimes. Anya speaks with investigative journalist, Ben Swann, to understand why rich and powerful people are able to get away with heinous crimes so easily.

    Later, Anya reports on U.S. airstrikes that killed at least 30 civilians in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. She discusses the Taliban’s increasing control over the country, which is higher than it was before the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. Anya talks with former UK Member of Parliament George Galloway to discuss whether the U.S. strategy of bombing the Taliban to the negotiating table will work.

    Finally, Scottie Nell Hughes, host of News Views Hughes,reports on the G20 Summit kick-off in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Scottie also brings us the details of President Trump canceling his meeting with his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, over the Kerch Strait naval clash, leading to Martial Law in Ukraine.”

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