Dave Macpherson: The Fox is in the chicken run again!



Dave Macpherson is TDB’s mental health blogger. He became a Waikato DHB member after his son died from mental health incompetence.


  1. Agreed, delaying the report’s release is worrying. It smacks of a major PR cover-up being prepared. Or on the optimistic side the need for a constructive .well planned, long term response being modeled for the public’s consumption…..? Nah we haven’t got the people to do it they all left years ago.

  2. New Zealand is nothing but a storm of mental illness. Consider the following, have you experienced or encountered:

    – repeating the same act again and again, expecting different results?
    – disordered thoughts and anxiety?
    – dissociated, vacant persons?
    – instances of bipolarity?
    – is there cruelty to animals?
    – self harming and suicides?
    – general sense of hopelessness and despair?

    as you can see there is an awful lot of the above, an inescapable total saturation of it. because this society produces mental illness flat out

    • Wow, a very insightful comment, so true!

      I lived overseas for many years, then came back, and within days, something negative hit me badly, it was the nasty vibes around me, coming from so many people, who simply did not approve of someone coming back to NZ Inc, with a positive, open mind.

  3. I am not one bit surprised, did former Health and Disability Commissioner Ron Paterson not play a senior role in all this?

    These HDC appointees tend to have a long career in the health and / or legal profession behind them, and Ron Paterson, like the present one, they seem to be rather keen to keep matters out of the public eye, and to make efforts to protect the establishment and its servants (DHBs, Ministry, the professions as such).

    Only a small percentage of complaints are ever truly investigated, and remedies offered are mostly laughable.

    Perhaps it was a mistake to involve certain high profile ‘experts’ and professionals in this inquiry, as their track record is one to be worried about:




    (published 21 Nov. 2017, 20.25h)



  4. I certainly wouldn’t want the bankers to lead an inquiry into banking, nor insurance companies to investigate their own appalling behaviour in the Christchurch earthquakes.

    Having these corrupt pooh-bahs anywhere within cooee of this inquiry is garbage.

    The only reason to withhold the report is to cover something up.

    Oops I did it again…

  5. Yes they want to dampen down expectations. It will be released right on Christmas by the sound of it when people are too busy to take it all in.

  6. I don’t really have anything to add here except to write you’re a fucking awseome fellow @ Dave Macpherson. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  7. I see they ( the government ) just got rid of one fox what’s her name Diane Maxwell appointed by national and apparently a bully with a high turn over in staff who had changes forced on them. I say keep looking there is heaps more that need the fucken boot who are sucking on the public tit while putting the boot into the very people they are suppose to be helping. Wheres that John Allen he destroyed a few good government companies and he is still sucking of the tit.

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