If Hillary runs, Trump wins 2020


Hillary Clinton will run for the White House in 2020, ex-adviser predicts
Speculation is mounting that Hillary Clinton could launch a bid for the US presidency in 2020 after two former advisers in as many months floated the idea of a remarkable political comeback.

Mark Penn, who worked with the Clintons for 13 years, co-wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday headlined ‘Hillary will run again’ which predicted a new campaign.

He said Mrs Clinton would reinvent her public image once again, this time as a lifelong liberal, claiming she had learned the lessons of her painful 2016 defeat to Donald Trump.

Can this be possible?

Is her ego so rampant that she would seriously risk handing Trump a second term?

I can’t and don’t want to believe it. Hillary running and winning the rigged and corrupt Democratic primary selection process would be a terrible response to the horror that is the orange tumour.

Are Democrats so hell bent on electing the first female President over selecting a candidate who can beat Trump that they would gift Trump another 4 years of insanity?

Surely identity politics can’t be this stupid or self delusional?

Make no mistake, if Hillary runs, Trump will win.

You don’t beat the negative populism Trump has harvested with a candidate like Hillary who is wedded to the neoliberal economic framework that has built that resentment and cultural alienation, you only beat that negative populism with positive populism.

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Bernie was doing that, free health and free education combats the populist spite that Trump seeds, but the Democratic Primary rules are set up to deny a progressive populist from ever gaining power, that’s the role of the Super Delegates.

The Democrats have to select a candidate who can beat Trump and Hillary isn’t that candidate. She presides over the very free market economic system that created the

The planet can not afford 4 more years of this insanity, this isn’t about righting some terrible past wrong from 2016, this is about ending Trump. The only qualification is being able to do that, every other virtue signalling identity politics desire must be secondary to that.


  1. So bloody right as ‘crooked right wing elitist Hillary Clinton’ is the face of global corporatism in the world.

    Get rid of the right wing elite in the ‘US democratic party’ and they will win.

  2. One would hope that the superdelegates would not back Hillary for the candidacy.

    Rumour has it that Elizabeth Warren may run, but whether she would run against a high profile candidate like Hillary is unknown. The superdelegates would have to make it clear that they will back her.

  3. “Make no mistake, if Hillary runs, Trump will wins”

    Yep, 100% Martyn.

    Are the DNC leadership that stupid? Well, let’s wait and see. Let’s see just how dumb they can be.




    • Yes the Dem leadership is that stupid, but never mind…the Russian hackers probe is about to show it was all a beat up by the Dems, no facts or evidence. Why? To keep the Dem leadership out of court of how they rigged their primaries, plus other corruption. Watch as Trump plays that hand….

  4. Trump 2020 is in the bag in my opinion

    The downside of Hillary running is that the memes will seem tired

    Memelords needs more fresh material

    “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti was looking promising for a while until he alledgedly beat his ex wife up

  5. It’s at about this point that we should all settle down with a cuppa and watch this again.
    No one went broke underestimating the vulgarity of the American public. And just like vulgar, noisy, arrogant morons in the house next door? They end up fucking everyone off in the Cul-de-sac.


    Widely attributed to American author and social critic H. L. Mencken (1880–1956) but not found exactly verbatim in his published works, so the source and original form of this expression are not known with absolute certainty.[1]

    Likely a nearly-verbatim paraphrase of: “No one in this world, so far as I know … has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.”[2]

    Americans, as a group, are not especially intelligent and can be readily entertained or fooled to produce financial benefit for someone. ”

    Now? Be honest? Doesn’t that sound like NuZillind?

  6. “you only beat that negative populism with positive populism”
    Yep, David Lange taught us that. Acerbic wit helps considerably too.

  7. Bernie was obviously nobbled by the “undemocratic Democratic Party” version of voter suppression regarding voter registration, and of course the Super delegate scam etc.

    Bernie would highly likely have taken it to Trump and done well, but time is not on his side really now, unfortunately, but who knows Ocasio-Cortez as a running mate? and all the US Politics junkies can chip in as they do, and say it ain’t going to happen

    …but what will happen–it is the Democrats to lose by choice of a dud candidate, which depends on whether the millennials can overcome the old guard

  8. A lot of strange things have happened to people who have opposed OR threatened to expose the Clintons! I’m not saying they have arranged murders, but I’m not certain they haven’t either.

    Hillary is also rumored to have a drinking problem which has supposedly contributed to her falls. She was opposed to gay marriage until the tide turned on that one. She was also complicit concerning her husbands abuse of woman – not a good look given the current ‘#metoo’ hype.

    Her husband abolished Glass Steagall which allowed Wall Street to impoverish Main Street during the GFC. Her husband also passed “black predator” laws which led to mass incarceration of African Americans (mainly male).

    Even in the 2016 elections cycle, Hillary was (being generous here) complicit to corruption that gained her the Democratic Party nomination.

    I haven’t even started with the corruption surrounding ties between Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation! Insiders in the NZ government know how corrupt the Clinton Foundation is, hence why NZ kissed-the-ring and ‘donated’ MILLIONS of dollars.

    Clinton corruption knows NO bounds! I’m still unconvinced Bill wasn’t involved in trafficking cocaine in his early political years. Hillary has gotten profoundly guilty people off horrific crimes and laughed about it!

    Is it any wonder Judith Collins is a Hillary Clinton fan girl? But wait, the American people have to vote for her .. “it’s a woman’s turn to be president” don’t you know – competence and integrity aren’t important!

  9. Hillary is poisonous, remember how she trashed Obama when she was competing with him to stand for president? I wondered then how she could be so nasty to another Democrat & if he won the nomination, how this would affect her standing. They’re very forgiving of her so perhaps they’ll do kamikaze in the next election. To misquote Oscar Wilde, a woman is only a woman but a joint is a good smoke – code for she’s a woman, but doesn’t offer anything worthwhile.

  10. Even knowing everything I know now, I’d still vote for Trump over Hillary if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to vote. She’s absolutely 100% “toxic” (Oxford’s Dictionary’s Word of the Year, BTW), and will only make everything worse. Much worse. Unless you think antagonising and outright threatening Russia is great for “world peace”. Trump doesn’t really have anything resembling a coherent “agenda” – at least not one that can be enforced. Hillary does, and it scares me.

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