TWITTER WATCH: File under ‘Nuance’


The group behind the expulsion of the Police at Pride have some interesting ideas on crime and punishment that are worth investigating, but their position on child rapists is, how do I say this politely, well, ummmm, ‘interesting‘…


I think we all agree that restorative justice is crucial to changing the debate on crime and punishment, but decriminalising sexual child abuse???

I appreciate any criticism of this position makes me a heteronormative patriarchal monster with white cis male privilege who will be shortly trending as #HeteronormativePatriarchalMonster and that Marama Davidson will be demanding I delete myself dude, buuuuuuuuuuut decriminalising child sex abuse seems, ummmmm,  ummmmmmm.



That’s an enormous amount of ‘nuance’ we need to adopt. If PAPA could be this far off on an issue like child abuse, maybe they were a tad over zealous at the Pride parade?

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Just possibly?

Not according to Woke Twitter!

The best bit about the Pride Parade meltdown is that it’s not in any way shape or form a blunder by the over zealous woke Board, but instead a massive patriarchal capitalist conspiracy to fascistly re-instate gender binary norms!

Decriminalising child sexual abuse, banning groups from inclusive pride parades, sacking Santa for being male and dumping the play ‘Vagina Monologues’ because it discriminates against women who don’t have vaginas.

This is who we are now, this is where we are now.

Meanwhile, the planet is melting…

A Grave Climate Warning, Buried on Black Friday

On Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, the federal government published a massive and dire new report on climate change. The report warns, repeatedly and directly, that climate change could soon imperil the American way of life, transforming every region of the country, imposing frustrating costs on the economy, and harming the health of virtually every citizen.


  1. scary stuff, the social media landscape is creating a platform for the world’s most nutty ideas to become seriously debated on mainstream avenues… and then some stupid official whose paid too much and has few braincells just reads twitter and the like, as their bible on what is ‘popular’. Ahh no.

    Sadly many who have real lives don’t have twitter accounts, they are working 2 jobs and raising kids! You know middle NZ who never get a say on anything and therefore the politicians are astonished when they are suddenly plummeting in the voting or get Brexit and Trump and their latte swilling advisors from AUT didn’t tell them they were out of touch.

    The woke lefties are now being considered the ‘voice of the left’ and scare the bejesus out of normal folks back to the right.

    Left delete their twitter accounts! Only a few on Twitter, the Green Party and certain Labourites, are still enthralled by identity politics!

    Saw something the other day that said the largest poverty group is actually Pakeha parents who are on wages and have a mortgage. Who knew that??? Certainly not the politicians that seem to create policy based on Twitter and the lobby groups and volunteers with surprising free time, who have got the time and money to turn up to their donations campaigns and ‘engage’ with the politicians .

    Muppet Politicians! It used to be the other way around! No wonder people like woke lefties are gaining so much attention. They represent their own views, not others!

  2. Very frightening stuff – as a victim of sexual abuse in the in the late fifties the idea that anyone who carried out abuse of this nature could sit with the abused person and work through it is outrageous and nuts.

    PAPA need to look at themselves and look at the bigger picture of prisons and who is going in to them – mental health issues, addiction issues, literacy etc. I wonder if anyone close to PAPA has been sexually abused, have they been consulted about this idea?

    Most sexual abusers need to be confined from the public, this does not mean for life and I do not mean as a punishment, but to get some help. Of course long term recidivists need to be kept safely, humanly from the public.

    Isn’t this about the wiring of the brain, isn’t it a mental health condition. I have often thought this and wondered whether that aspect of it has been researched.

  3. Would be a good idea if you looked at PAPA’s website rather than parroting off what Kiwiblog said. In the case of child sexual abuse – they reference generation FIVE an American attempt to eradicate child sex abuse in 5 generations by “In cases of child sexual abuse,
    this means first and foremost conducting education programmes in the
    community regarding healthy child development and the cyclical nature
    of abuse.” and “In the case of child sexual abuse, for example,
    the collective is called upon to consult with the perpetrator and victim, or
    a close family member to act as advocate if the victim is considered too
    young. The collective proposes that the parties come together for
    mediation, using this initial contact with perpetrator and victim to gauge
    the circumstances under which both parties would be comfortable doing
    What follows is a process resembling restorative justice, in which
    perpetrator and victim are brought together by the collective. Similar to
    restorative justice, this stage of the process involves a conversation in
    which the victim or their advocate explains to the perpetrator how their
    actions have affected them, and what the perpetrator needs to do to make amends” So PAPA is suggesting that the victim OR ADVOCATE sit with perpetrator to give an understanding of the affect of the abuse. This is not a new idea – we have restorative justice sessions in NZ because they work better than just locking up people – empathy changes people. This is not demanding that a child sits with their attacker it is an attempt to change child abuse from a act that gives the attacker sexual pleasure to an act that identifies the affect on the victim in terms that are understood by all parties. This also gives the victim and their support people the ability to change the story so they are no longer powerless! It is an idea and people should read the manifesto properly or generation FIVE’s website. Constantly calling people out as being “too liberal” doesn’t change the fact that what we are doing now isn’t working, so maybe we need to think differently about how we interact with each other. Not being “woke” has given us Trump, the raise of the right, wars in so many countries, hundreds of billionaires and everyone else struggling, so maybe young people who want borders to be open, wars to stop, money to be spread around, jails to close, everyone to be what they want to be, may be shooting for the stars – but what have we got to lose

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