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I get on well with most prison officers . They know I’m not dangerous and that I’m a positive influence in keeping order with the younger inmates . I even had one last week stop and say they “appreciated what I do in here” . However , there are a few “old school” types who like to keep me in my place if I’ve a bit of positive publicity, as I have lately . One such woke me this morning at 6am for no good reason by turning on my light and banging on my door . I take it in my stride . They’re in a minority, as I said

A high percentage of my fellow inmates are mentally ill, forcing officers and fellow inmates such as myself into a role for which we are unprepared. They made a mistake when they closed most of the mental hospitals.

In this woman’s case Kelvin Davis asked Corrections Dept for an explanation, though he didn’t enquire further & called the inmate an “offender” , which is part of the new right lexicon to demonise inmates and remove their human rights. . When I was moved unconscious to Waikeria prison last December,Kelvin Davis didn’t want to know, saying it was just an “operational issue”. Kelvin has yet to show himself different to National’s Corrections Ministers.

And finally – the prison van has overturned after a head on collision. . Corrections first concern was to move inmate witnesses as far away as possible to Northland prison and to minimise disclosures of injury to them. Non inmates in an overturned vehicle would at least be taken to hospital to be checked out . Anyone heard of concussion , delayed shock , internal bleeding , fractures?

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Arthur Taylor is TDBs Prisoner Rights Blogger currently blogging inside prison – Corrections have currently cut his access to outside communication after he outed a Corrections Officer for bullying. As soon as TDB has the name, we will publish it.  


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