The Liberal Agenda: Upper Hutt Posse finally make Vodaphone Music Awards relevant again


I love and am really pleased how the Upper Hutt Posse suddenly made the drab and corporately boring Vodafone Music Awards culturally relevant again…

After the hiphop group’s frontman Dean Hapeta thanked his fellow musicians, he launched into a speech about “oppressive” countries.

“Where’s that prime minister?” he asked.”I got some words for you. All of our armed forces and military that have been fighting these fake wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for oil, for USA imperialism – get out of there!

“What you need to be doing is going to Palestine to fight against the racist terrorism of the Israeli state. That’s where all of our fighting energy needs to be.”

The singer also suggested that New Zealand sends troops to North America.

“Get to the Mexican/USA border and defend that caravan of indigenous people seeking refugee status in the United Snakes of Ameri-KKK-a,” he urged.

“They’re seeking refuge because their countries have been wrecked by that colonial power known as the USA.”

He concluded the impassioned speech by saying “Death to all oppressors!”

…anything that annoys NZ Israeli apologist David Cumin enough to put out a press release begging NZ not to invade Israel is worth getting up in the morning for.

The brutal and illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine should be denounced every possible chance we are given, and in a NZ music scene devoid of politics and focused on the vapid, Upper Hutt Posse reminded us, as Lorde did, that music can be far more powerful when its critical.

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  1. yep, governments will not tackle Israel head on over their military assaults and collective punishment of Palestinians, so the worlds people will have to do it with BDS, including cultural boycotts, and whatever other solidarity methods they have at their disposal

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