Primary teachers and principals meet to consider options – NZEI


Thousands of primary teachers and principals meet to consider options

Thousands of primary teachers and principals gathered in meetings and rallies across Auckland today, on the first day of a week of rolling one-day strikes.

NZEI Te Riu Roa President Lynda Stuart joined one of more than 100 rallies held on roadsides across the city.

“We were buoyed on by motorists and pedestrians offering their support, toots and warm wishes.”

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Later in the morning members joined in mass meetings at 20 Auckland venues.

“The members were discussing the latest offer during the strike meetings, weighing up the offer against the issues we have been raising. We have had some significant movements in both salaries and support for children with additional learning needs.

“Today across Auckland, members were expressing concern about the package still not addressing issues of release time and class sizes. The quality of children’s education is being impacted by our unmanageable workloads.”

NZEI members would continue to consider the offers to both teachers and principals this week.

For most teachers, the Ministry’s latest offer, taking into consideration all of the changes to the salary steps, would mean a total salary increase of approximately $9,500 – $11,000 over three years.

“This would be a significant shift for members, although it is disappointing that the biggest portion of the increase would not take effect for two years.”

Teachers in the North Island (excluding Wellington and Auckland) will strike tomorrow, followed by Christchurch on Wednesday, the rest of South Island on Thursday and Wellington on Friday.

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