GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Thank you all for your messages of support


Thanks for all the messages of congratulation – too many for individual replies.

I haven’t finished with the government yet. From yesterday “911”, the prisoner voting ban became a “law that cannot be justified in a free and democratic society” (Supreme Court) and inmates denied their votes can now sue the government for damages .

If Justice Minister keep saying “No” , it could prove financially expensive.

Still too much unfairness in the system – message from a friend today:

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“I appeared before the parole board having served 3 years of a 3 year 4 month sentence I was granted parole with a release date 2 weeks away from my sentence ending date how crazy is that bro? Then a guy who murders his child gets his board on his first attempt man the system is fundamentally flawed”

Arthur Taylor is TDBs Prisoner Rights Blogger still inside prison