New report shows four out of five people have had negative experiences at WINZ – CPAG


Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and ActionStation welcome the Government’s vision for “a welfare system … that ensures people have an adequate income and standard of living, [and] are treated with, and can live in dignity and are able to participate meaningfully in their communities” (Welfare Expert Advisory Group Terms of Reference).

But understanding people’s lived experiences of poverty and the welfare system is critical to seeing that vision through to fruition. Which is why CPAG has collaborated with ActionStation on their crowd-sourced report calling for reform and transformational change of our welfare system.

Between 18 and 31 October 2018, 267 people contributed their perspectives, insights and experiences of the welfare system through a 17-question online survey hosted by ActionStation. The report will be submitted to the Welfare Expert Advisory Group on Friday November 9, with the hope to inform the recommendations the group will make to the Government in February.

The findings of ActionStation’s Welfare for Wellbeing report included an overwhelming trend of people having negative experiences with Work and Income and a desperate lack of income to afford basic needs:

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  1. Action Station is a very effective NZ based-group with a good track record of successful community actions. TDB would do well to promote it and liaise with it more often. It is not party political and seems more democratic than anything I see in Parliament.

  2. am so pleased kind Labour is in power. My experience with National was an electricity bill paid off and no money for food- being told that I had CHOSEN to pay electricity over food. Caught between rock and hard place. please Jacinda let Labour be more compassionate…

  3. And the fifth person probably decided he/she was wasting their time even showing up so didn’t bother.
    To change the government services culture of negativity and denial of rights the solution remains the same as it has always been: kick out all the petty tyrants and National Party hacks out of upper and middle management positions.
    Replace them with people who see their jobs as a commitment to the people, not the Party.

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