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BLOGWATCH: The Standard’s hate rant at Bryce Edwards is weird

By   /  November 5, 2018  /  7 Comments

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File this under ‘needs a cup of a tea and a lie down’.

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The Standard’s hate rant at Bryce Edwards is really, really, really weird.

Look, I have to be honest, I haven’t read The Standard regularly in like 4 years, so have no idea if this is what passes as debate on The Standard these days. My last interaction with The Standard was last year when Te Reo Putake sort to post blogs here on TDB after being kicked off The Standard for breaching their woke rules on gender (or something – I could never understand what the whole tantrum was about to be honest).

It seems the beef is that Bryce suggested that even The Standard was criticising KiwiBuild, insinuating the most strident criticism of the middle class KiwiBuild was coming from the Left – apparently this is a sin so great Bryce is to be reduced from a commentator and political scientist to “simple minded bigot”.


Bryce Edwards is one of the best political commentators and political scientists in broadcasting right now you can’t write off his body of work in such an unnecessarily hateful manner and demand to be taken seriously.

This reads more like it was written by Whaleoil and Lusk after an all night spite bender

Normally the mediocrity that passes on The Standard as political commentary is about as relevant as your average mummy blogger on The SpinOff  but this was written by the Editor, I’m pretty sure Lynn’s in his 60s and I don’t know if this amount of pent up anger is good for anyone’s health.

File this under ‘needs a cup of a tea and a lie down’.

Not The Standard’s finest hour.


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  1. DennyPaoa DennyPaoa says:

    Hehe! Chur, chur!

  2. R.P Mcmurphy says:

    bryce edwards is getting above himself and beginning to think his own thoughts are facts

  3. OnceWasTim says:

    Calm down @ Martyn. I respectfully have to disagree.
    The post is hardly a hate session, but rather the opinion of someone who is entitled to be a bit grumpy and curmudgeonly from time to time.

    As for Bryce, he is simply an aggregator and regurgitator which is why he’s become our lazy MSM’s darling rent-a-voice.

    I’d be willing to be persuaded otherwise if you could point me in the direction of something he’s uttered that involves a bit of originality and critical thought

  4. Siobhan says:

    Jeopardy! question number one, for 10 points…

    “Whaleoil and Lusk after an all night spite bender”

    What is Lprent.”

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