The Daily Blog Open Mic – Saturday 3rd November 2018


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Moderation rules are more lenient for this section, but try and play nicely.

EDITORS NOTE: – By the way, here’s a list of shit that will get your comment dumped. Sexist language, homophobic language, racist language, anti-muslim hate, transphobic language, Chemtrails, 9/11 truthers, climate deniers, anti-fluoride fanatics, anti-vaxxer lunatics and ANYONE that links to fucking infowar.  


  1. “I am amazed at radio DJs today. I am firmly convinced that AM stands for
    Absolute Moron. I will not begin to tell you what FM stands for.

    — Jasper Carrott

    Duncan Garner take note.

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