What the spate of forced immigration scams and exploitation really says about the rock star economy


I believe the National Party should be prosecuted for economic vandalism.

The last 9 years of growth has been utterly unsustainable and looks more like a pump and dump move by a merchant banker than a solid economic base.

If this was a rock star, it would be Nickleback crossed with Creed.

That’s an economic joke reference for the Gen Xers. I appreciate this blog has become a tad niche of late.

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Look, the recent spate of  forced labour immigration scams that have hit the news highlights what has really held the rock star economy together – cheap exploitable immigrant labour with no rights.

National’s economic ‘plan’ was based on rebuilding from natural disasters, massive levels of immigration, dairy intensification to China and a speculative property bubble that conned the middle classes into thinking they were paper millionaires. This fake growth required a subset of workers who were more exploitable than the domestic labour market would provide, hence all these bullshit education programs tied into employment exploitation.

The inability to fund any Government department to proactively police the existing laws means it is a wild west environment that is conducive to migrant workers being exploited.

It’s why the small business community is so terrified of these mild employment changes because the entire growth model is bullshit, it’s been built on exploitation and demanding minimum conditions threatens to topple the entire joke over.

One of the most important stats in this weeks poll was this one…

… we have to dump the narrative that it’s just the political spite of the business community against Labour that is sapping economic confidence, there are actual issues looming that could be crippling.

What we on the left have to ensure is that we have the solutions to those problems when those black swans come home to roost.


  1. The black swan is coming… it’s a civil war. For the record, Clark used the same dodgy migration-fuelled plan as Key. Hang them all for treason (assuming they survive No Zealand Wars II).

  2. We are expecting the System to investigate itself, and it is clearly incapable of doing so.

    Scandal after scandal, issue after issue, we see vested interest, a captive MSM, and stifled public servants rendered incapable of performing even the most basic criminal investigations in their departments.

    If the system will not hold itself to account, the people must do so.

    We need to begin convening a Citizens Commission of Inquiry to hold public hearings on some of these big issues, resulting in preliminary findings leading to Private Prosecutions.

    Finally, corrupt politicians, complicit senior public servants and crony capitalists will be brought to justice, after years of impunity.

    This is our democratic right. There is no law that prevents this. Twelve imminent New Zealanders who care more about our country than party politics will finally lift the rock on this sordid mess.

    The first person I would nominate for appointment would be Nicky Hagar.

    Who will organise this?

      • Hi Savenz,
        Thanks for your comment. You know, I believe we can do this. We can organise it, we just need to decide to do it.

        If you’re interested, how about we bring a few more people into this thread, and maybe get Martyn involved, since this is his blog, and start the ball rolling.

        I’m quite certain that nothing, not petitions, not protests, not anything will send a shock to the system like citizens deciding that they must convene a public Commission of Inquiry to sort out the endemic inequality, the taint of corruption and cronyism in their own democracy.

  3. I think your right on the button Martyn a false dichotomy and party fill of millionaires that care only about money, themselves and those who have money, not all the people they are suppose to serve. Some of our so called middle class and I do not like to use this word cause it doesn’t belong here in our country but we just had a government for nine years that has been so socially and economically divisive pitting groups of people against one another. In the meantime national and their mates were busy selling up our assets, stripping away our welfare state and emptying out our coffers.

  4. That which is unsustainable cannot be sustained.

    As well as the outright lies the masses have been and are told about the economic system there are also the omissions; most important of the omissions is that the entire house of cards economic system is dependent on overconsumption of fossil fuels, with utterly disastrous consequences.

    Scary graph of the day. 407.04 ppm, the most recent of many well above the anticipated values.


  5. What annoys me about all these immigration scams is that the biggest losers are the poor, working and middle class poor of NZ who were born here or migrated here before the modern day immigration trafficking scams.

    Today in the herald about a poor 17yo who is now practically blind due to continual errors from Middlemore who kept cancelling the appointments as they are overloaded with cases.

    They actually let her go blind! The poor kid now faces a much harder future and her blindness will never be fully remedied. It will also cost more as she now will be on ACC, need cornea transplants every decade and her potential is really effected by that.

    Having all these open work visas for rich students from the East,and the subsequent family visas are clogging up our health system, our transport system our housing and education system.

    But all you ever hear from the media is about the poor migrants. Yep I feel for some of them who are getting ripped off here, but what is never mentioned is that the the biggest losers are actually our own kids and working class people who are getting shafted for everything and our wages going down and our cost of living going up due to this new form of neoliberalism.

    No one says stop lazy immigration, it’s more about making it easier apparently??? aka 3 year open work visas for foreign students who ‘studied’ here for example is one of the ‘fixes’.

    However the victims are people born here or migrants already here as those free and easy working visas, encourage students to convert to residents and to do that they need to earn points through working for a few years to make permanent resident status and it can be the most basic job possible… cleaning, retail etc etc

    As well as suppressing wages having hundreds of thousands of people on work visas in NZ is increasing the competition for everything from housing to health to people who already live here, and how can the por and working youth and older migrants who have lived her on Kiwi wages for a long time and who never had that $30k+ a to buy a degree or business in the first place.

    Our poor are much more likely to be NZ citizens born here and they are FUCKED, in particular the younger ones.

    So the impact of lazy immigration is actually not worse on the migrants as the media and politicians keep worrying about, aka rich and middle class migrants who can shell out $7,000, $30,000 or $20k a year for an education, but our own people who are going blind, living in tents, unable to every afford a house or pay a power bill or those who own there own house but face relentless price increases from food, rates, water, power, fees on everything.

    In the age of Rogenomics and Neoliberalism human capital of people in NZ does not count – just the money flows.

    Our poor who are born here or migrated here before the full scale migration scams of the past 10 years, don’t even have their normal advocates, such as poverty action or unions or Labour/Green politicans because those advocacy groups have switched allegiance to those that have more money and power to gain sympathy and make donations or join the unions. They literally never mention the impact of hundreds of thousands of workers coming into NZ as anything to be worried about or how it effects NZ citizens.

    So next time you see that Pacific Island person at the food bank or the Maori is jail or the Pakeha at WINZ, maybe just think, our government abandoned them so they could make money from rich and middle class migrants paying for fake degrees and jobs and NZ intermediaries profiting from them.

    They never increase our refugee quota much, so it’s pretty clear our government is so addicted to neoliberalism they only care about the money that certain groups make, and are quite happy to turn a blind eye to how that impacts Kiwis down stream. In fact apparently Kiwis are the ones at fault we are told!

    There is no way a normal person can compete now for cleaning contracts, cafes, hotels, horticulture, construction etc etc because entire industries are just ponzi’s and that is why everything in NZ is turning to shit from bad construction, to dirty hotels, to bad food in cafes, to our kids going blind due to long waiting lists.

    I don’t blame the migrants they are being actively recruited by our own government and business to get a short term fix of money from them, but in doing that our government are shunning our own human capital who have very little hope of competing against the Ponzi, and such a massive amount of difficulty to get a simple job these days because you actually can’t afford to live on low wages anymore. That is why our suicide and mental illness and drug use is growing.


    New Zealand recorded its largest monthly trade deficit ever of -NZ$1.6 bln for September. Unfortunately that comes on top of a very large deficit in August as well at over -$1.5 bln. The track turned bad starting in early 2018 with export growth falling away while import growth has picked up. We have policy settings to party-on even though our export earnings aren’t justifying it. The average rise in imports in each month in 2018 is more than +14% year-on-year, while the average rise in exports is under +9%. That difference is cumulative and catching up with us now. It is true an Air NZ Dreamliner arrived in September ($275 mln). But over the past two years we have had them before (four times) and they tend to come at this time of year. In the past, they didn’t cause ‘records’ to be broken. In 2017 we have only five months with a material negative trade balance. In the shorter nine months so far in 2018 we have had six such months already, and October and November are usually big deficit months as well.’


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