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  1. Holy Moly ,either this is a piece of pure wanton creativity by Mr Trotter or the materialization of the invisible strings which are attached to the real puppet masters hands controlling poor old JLR.

    Fiction or not , this is beginning to make Game of Thrones look like a kindergarten pantomime .

    It comprises oozing multiple layers of dark brooding subterfuge, with lashings of corrosive uncertainty in the shadow lands of the velvet underground …

    Sooooo Shakespearian.

    It is , if true , quite plausible .

    So who will expose deep throat ? Shouldn’t take too long.

    In addition to JBL being the hapless pawn in a much bigger chess game , RNZ morning report today interviewed an academic from Canturbury who is an expert on Chinese influence in NZ , which suggests strong links between the Chinese govt and “donations “for buying list MPs seats .Well worth the listen to expand the story’s narrative to include the systematic corruption of NZ democracy and sovereignty by a foreign power . Good old National selling us out one deal at a time .

    Its about time we got an even bigger broom and swept them all out to a new neoliberal neofeudal colony on the Chatham Islands and only let them back once they pass a human empathy test .Fat chance .

    In any event ,and on many levels ,the lid is being lifted on National’s seething pit of vipers .In a small democracy at the bottom of the world sunlight is still the best disinfectant.

    Have a nice day .

  2. Surely Lusk and Collins can’t be that clever. If they were, they’d be multi-million paid CEOs instead of politician and apparatchik.

    Can we really credit them with that much forethought, cleverness, and insight?

  3. Collins has enough self-respect not to raise the full flaming torch of conscienceless pandering to prejudices. I.e. my guess is she’s no Trump — a sort of late triumph for the Welfare State i.e. NZ.

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