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BREAKING TWITTER WATCH: Jami-Lee Ross goes full Trump

By   /  October 15, 2018  /  44 Comments

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In the last 20 minutes, Jami-Lee Ross, who is on home leave for a ‘stressful personal issue’, has gone full blown Trump and suddenly unleashed Twitter war on Simon Bridges…

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In the last 20 minutes, Jami-Lee Ross, who is on home leave for a ‘stressful personal issue’, has gone full blown Trump and suddenly unleashed Twitter war on Simon Bridges…

…these are extraordinary allegations made against the Leader of his own Party from a person who is supposed to be too unwell to be at work.

This is an unprecedented public attack on a National Party Leader and following the claims today made on the AN Show that there is now a concerted effort to unseat Simon Bridges, it is clear the knives are now out.

It’s amazing how the National Party can turn the ‘Walking Dead’ from zombie fiction to political documentary in less than 24 hours.

When Simon beat Judith and Amy for the leadership it was Bridges over troubled daughters, now with Jami-Lee Ross lashing out it’s Bridges taking doubled mortars (I also do children parties and bar mitzvahs).

This is less a coup against Simon Bridges and more a circus, but it’s a circus with only clowns and no elephants or trapeze or lion tamers, just a 3 ringed clown act.

Too many clowns, not enough circus.

I wouldn’t trust these people with my milk money let alone the Government.

The self mutilating kamikaze style of Jami-Lee Ross suggests either ISIS or Cameron Slater is advising him because he’s certainly burning his Bridges.

That cold, terrifying and soulless nails-on-blackboard sound you hear right now is Judith Collins sharpening her talons

Get out the popcorn.


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  1. Sam Sam says:

    What a bunch of duds. I blame Jenny Shipley (bankrupted Mainzeal) Donald Brash (Major identity problems) John Key (the perpetual lie) for absolutely ruining the National Party. And now Bridges wants to keep the perpetual lie going.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100% right Sam,

      National are repeating their mistakes again now and look so much like the movie Shane here killing off the weakling.


    • Michelle says:

      what about pull da benefit ( for breaching peoples’ privacy) Mc cully (for giving the arabs 11.5 million of our taxes for the sheep farm)

      • bert says:

        And what about Bridges whose response initially on Garners show was that he was not worried about leaks within his own party. He was more interested in the “hits” he was landing on the Government. You would think a potential PM would be more interested in making “all” New Zealanders lives better. But nooooooooo, like a good lawyer Bridges just wants to make a hit on people. Probably why Jacinda has a massive popularity rating miles ahead of no Bridges. I detest Jamie Lee but at least in this sense he’s right, Bridges is not liked.

      • Marc says:

        Saw Pull Ya Bene on the news tonight, she looked somewhat worried, perhaps not only about her boss next to her, perhaps about Jamie’s tirade, perhaps about her own future?

        Expect another resignation by a leading Nat any time soon, Pull Ya Bene seems worried, disillusioned and seeing the end for her political career is also in sight.

    • Sam Sam says:

      The constitution act is the pain in the ass that will learn them.

      It’s very broad and all over the place at the same time very narrow.

      The 1986 New Zealand parliament themselves argued for the rest of their lives in correspondence to each other over its benefits and pitfalls.

      Ultimately worth it but still the pain in there ass The National Party needs.

    • bert says:

      And Sam what of Jamie Lees comment on Bridges journalist friend ( not Tova)? Who is this journalist, are they biased and what of Tova, clearly a friend of the National party?

      All I can say to Tova… “if you lie down with dogs…”

      • Sam Sam says:

        Can’t remember who broke the story first. Was it TV3 or RNZ? The name on the original report is usually a dead give away. But according to Jamie Lee Ross he has a recorded conversation of him and Bridges discussing electoral donation fraud. Let’s give him 24hr to catch his breath then demand it be released. So delicious.

  2. Mjolnir says:

    Was there ever any doubt? The question now is who is the second leaker, because someone leaked more stuff today. And Ross is nowhere near Parliament.

    My money? Someone with a ‘thing’ for milk, China, and boyracer cars.

  3. Aaron says:

    Just out of curiosity, how common is it for MPs to (secretly?) record conversations with their party leaders?

  4. Michelle says:

    They have a track record for leaking and breaching the publics privacy its part of their dna they are the entitled ones. I smell an oravida person.

  5. simonm says:

    Oh dear! So it was Jami-Lee Ross, patron saint of real estate agents, what did it.

    They’re beside themselves over at Kiwibog. Happy days indeed!

  6. XRAY says:

    Just imagine having to be in the same room as the slime that make up the National Party. Bridges will never know where or when the hit will come, just that it will.

    Those creeps will be even more divided than most, but their self serving DNA keep that under covers, usually either by incentive or threat.

    It’s like some underworld criminal cartel, smiles all round, knives in the back the moment its turned. Fuck being the Don of those creatures!

  7. Mjolnir says:

    Ross secretly recorded conversations with his leader, eh? I think the National Party is about to have a massive implosion.

    Please Labour, Greens, and NZ First, don’t stuff this up with a scandal if your own. It gets tiring having Coalition ministers snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • darth says:

      happy days

    • Marc says:

      Recording conversations is nothing unusual these days, employees do it with their employers, and vice versa, because so few do really trust each other these days, the days of division, exploitation, usury, back stabbing and cheating. Thanks to decades of neoliberal undermining of society, of all values, for this to be the new reality and normality.

  8. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    Hilariously it’s ironically National who keep trying to convince NZers that the coalition is in trouble. Maybe clean up your own house first before casting aspersions on others? Or don’t. Fuck it, I stopped caring about these traitorous clowns the moment they threw out Bolger to replace him with Shipley.

  9. Castro says:

    AND…. roll on Crusher Collins and the Chinese dictatorshit masters… roll on the civil war… 😉

  10. mary_a says:

    I sense a war erupting on the Natz front! Lies, spies (already in Natz) and alibis coming up!

  11. Jase says:

    The National party models traits like lying, selfishness, greed and bribery.

    They therefore tend to attract people exhibiting those traits.

    And now we are seeing that, given enough time in opposition starved of the sustenance being in power gave it, the fish begins rotting from the head.

    Can you imagine anyone…ANYONE…. in that rat’s nest of a organisation doing something like Andrew Little and standing aside for the betterment of the party?
    They fundamentally lack anyone with such integrity or courage.

    Must be hell constantly watching your back in the National party – you might miss the next bribe!

  12. WILD KATIPO says:

    Like a dream come true, innit.

    They are the gift that just keeps on giving. Nine years we put up with that odious lot, and now we get to see them tear themselves to bits in public. Long may it continue. Far right wing neo liberals showing their true self interested selves for all the world to see.

    Fight you mange ridden mongrels, fight.

    ‘Sound economic managers’…


    They couldn’t manage a piss up in a brewery , – nor a leak.

    • darth says:

      happy days isnt it 9 years of lies from that smelly lot , national should rename itself the suicide squad

      happy days

  13. mosa says:

    I don’t think Bridges has to worry about being involved in alleged illegal activity because the National party is above the law and has a complaint police force at its disposal to see that it stays that way.

    I would be watching Mark Mitchell very closely.
    He is one dangerous s.o.b and i would not like to the see him in a future position of power.
    The Key years will be a picnic compared to what this guy will do.

    • Snow White says:

      Agreed, Mosa. Ex police dog handler (wow) then off to Iraq to save cuddly wee dogs and unite them with their grateful owners (bow) and a smile, a smile more fixed than any smile ever on the face of a tiger.

  14. Mat Simpson says:

    Leaks, dirt, and ethics
    So, National leader Simon Bridges thinks he has found his leaker: the same MP he granted leave to a few weeks ago for “embarassing” personal health reasons. Given that the leaker supposedly sent text messages to Bridges and the Speaker claiming to be mentally fragile, I’m not sure how much I really want to go near this. But earlier today Jami-Lee Ross tried to pre-empt things with a series of tweets claiming he was being stitched up, including this one:
    When I started to become expendable, I confronted him with evidence that I had recorded him discussing with me unlawful activity that he was involved in. Working on his instruction, he asked me to do things with election donations that broke the law.

    — Jami-Lee Ross (@jamileeross) October 14, 2018

    Which is presumably related to this morning’s revelations about a “clerical error” around donations. But if its more than that, and Ross does in fact have such recordings, he should release them. Because sitting on solid evidence of unlawful activities and corrupt electoral practices by a politician, presumably as “insurance” or “leverage”, is not just unethical, but also being an accessory after the fact.

    No Right Turn.

  15. Rodel says:

    Oh dear! Schadenfreude sandwiches and popcorn again.Whoo Hoo!
    But where’s Cameron?

    • “But where’s Cameron?”

      Excellent queston indeed, Rodel.

      Ross, Slater, and Collins belong to the same cabal. I don’t think they anticipated Ross being caught out – hence why Collins has thrown him under a big, blue, bus…

      As for Ross’s allegations about Simon Bridges, I am reminded of this from “Dirty Politics”;

      The trove of emails included hundreds between Slater and Ms Collins, including one in which she told the blogger: “If you can’t be loved, then best to be feared.” She urged him to pay back “double” any injury suffered, to which he replied: “I learned the rule from you.”

      ref: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11308458

      Ross appears to be employing that rule against Bridges.

    • Marc says:

      Cameron Slater is apparently still dealing with a court case.

  16. countryboy says:

    This is what happens when we take our eyes of our responsibility to vote in an informed manner.
    We get riche little psychopaths scrapping it out over who has the biggest dick.
    Personally, I’d like to give them knives and put them in a cage.
    Luckily then, perhaps, that I have no say in any matter. Other than with my vote, of course.
    I think the Great New Zealand Institutionalised Lie’s seeping out of the cracks.
    A country 20K sq Km bigger than UK but with only 4.7 million enjoying a first world life style with what were 1st world amenities including universities, airways, rail, shipping, forestry etc and our primary industry is, as it was then, agrarian. And the Natzo’s are infighting like graceless humans with something to hide.
    I wonder? Is the fan large enough to cope with the shit hurtling towards it?

  17. Marc says:

    Makes the past ABC tensions within Labour (see Shearer, Cunliffe, Little) look rather trivial and harmless, by comparison.

  18. Keepcalmcarryon says:

    Clash of the smarmy greaseballs, shit just got real.
    Brylcreem futures have crashed.
    The humanity,

  19. Marc says:

    Banana Republic, Banana Republic, Banana Republic, I knew it, it is showing again, this place is nothing much else, it is a joke.

  20. Liberty4NZ says:

    The only member of the National Party that should even be considered right now for leader is Maggie Barry. I don’t particularly like her or her politics obviously, however, she speaks well and has a credible on-screen presence, unlike Simon. Bar the 1080 conundrum, she doesn’t have the baggage of the others. Doubt it will happen though, too many egos at play.

  21. Mike the Lefty says:

    The Labour-led government is very vulnerable at the moment.
    Record retail fuel prices.
    Inflation tipped to reach an 8-year high because of it.
    Cabinet demotions and reshuffles.
    The Greens creating their own internal turmoil.
    Industrial action on a large scale.
    Dropping milk prices.
    The government is like a sitting duck for any decent opposition at the moment and any decent opposition would have a field day. Instead we have National immersed in its own civil war and the Labour ministers silently giving thanks to the Almighty for his intervention.
    But note the change of attitude in the MSM. Now that John Key is not their leader, National are copping just as much flak as Labour ever did.
    Funny and sad at the same time.

  22. Marc says:

    Already commented on Open Mic, but it is relevant here also:



    This will send National into the political wilderness for years to come, if this proves to be true!

    The Nats would according to now resigned Jami Lee Ross be corrupt, and apparently depend on wealthy Chinese donors, just as this blog has repeatedly claimed, based on various internal and other sources, it would appear.

  23. Michael Montgomery says:

    As a long-time National party supporter, I found today’s events to be devastating. This puts NZ’s own ‘Grand Old Party’ on such a low level that it almost matches the Labour-led Government in terms of its ineptness and lack of leadership.

    Personally, although I feel that National party MPs typically set an example of upright moral virtue within parliament, accusations of corruption stick – even if you are an honest and good man, like Simon Bridges.

    The discipline installed in the party by NZ’s greatest ever PM, Sir John Key, has crumbled. Under Sir John’s leadership, National shit all over the Opposition in terms of professionalism. Now, it will have to cannibalize itself further (i.e get rid of Bridges) before it can recover.

    I yearn for the day that National returns to power under the leadership of someone with good business credentials like Sir John. Only under strong, disciplined leadership can National hope to continue its agenda of making NZ a great place to be a business owner.

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