Koru Lounge Carnage and Mosgiel as a town – why the media are letting us down


Local woman insists ‘Mosgiel is a town!’
A Mosgiel woman is “disgusted” how her hometown has been portrayed in some parts of the media.
Shirley Connor, speaking in the public forum of the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board meeting at the Outram Rugby Football Club rooms last week, expressed her “disgust” at how Mosgiel was portrayed in a radio advertisement for Trident Homes Dunedin.

“I was disgusted by their cheek of calling Mosgiel a township.”

Mosgiel was a town, rather than a township, she said.

“I think we have been sold short.”

A township was the home of “one man and one dog”.

In the week the world was informed there is 10 years left before cataclysmic climate change extinguishes civilisation as we know it – the NZ Media are spending time on the truly important issues, like whether Mosgiel is a town or township, or how white people have to rub shoulders with lesser people at the Koru Lounge. 

We are being betrayed by corporate media, we are being distracted by corporate media, we will perish because of corporate media.

It is time we stood against these fools and their distractions and fought back to reclaim a media that actually challenges and provides insight rather than the vacant infotainment we are served up at 7pm and on the front pages of our newspapers.

It is not about telling you what to think, it is about telling you what to think about.

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    • Agree, at least people like Martyn are making difference and calling out the hypocrisy or distractions, and not just standing by.

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