For those claiming Jacinda’s UN appearance with Neve was meaningless – here are the stats


Remember how the right wing pundits and National Party hacks screamed that Jacinda appearing at the UN was meaningless and why were we paying for those images?

Here are the stats.

Most viewed speech of any world leader on the official UN channel and those pictures viewed 195million times eh? Sounds like the first use of taxpayer money that actually did some good for our public image.

Those images of Jacinda at the UN with Clarke and Neve have given us more value for money than the entire Hobbit Trilogy.

It’s a reminder that friends don’t let friends hate babies.


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    • Humanity is the key to our hearts and Jacinda should use her prowess to use that same showing of warm humanity to calm our communities with care and warm compassion and open her Government to allow us to meet her cabinet Ministers when they visit our regions.

      So far after one year Phil Twyford refuses to come to HB or Gisborne to meet with our community groups!!!!!

      This is causing many to loose faith in Labour now and these ministers are letting her government down, – so today we sent yet another request for Phil Twyford to discuss and address our loss of our rail service six years ago.

      here is our letter to him sent today.

      Protecting our environment & health.
      In association with other Community Groups, and all Government Agencies since 2001.
      • Health and wellbeing.
      • East Coast Transport Project.

      Hon Phil Twyford – Minister of Transport.
      Hon’ Jacinda Ardern PM.
      Hon Winston Peters. Deputy PM.
      Hon’ Shane Jones. Minister of Regional Development.
      Hon’ Grant Robertson. Minister of Finance.
      Hon’ Stuart Nash. MP For Napier Wairoa/ Matawai regions.
      Hon’ Megan Woods. Minister of Energy.
      URGENT PRESS RELEASE; – ACTION NEEDED HERE BY – Transport Minister Twyford.

      13th October 2018.

      Dear Ministers, Local civic authorities & rail stakeholders,

      We have written to you all multiple times since becoming our new Government requesting to restore our railway to Gisborne that was damaged after a storm in March 2012; – and caused by a lack of rail funding maintenance in 2011 on after funding was cut by Minister of transport Steven Joyce; –

      Then it was voiced by ‘Labour transport spokesperson Phil Twyford in a Labour party press release; – Thursday, 14 February 2013, 1:35 pm; – following his position at a 2013 “Select Committee Transport meeting after he was advised by Kiwi rail funding cuts to rail line ‘drains/culverts ‘were responsible for the rail washouts.

      Now today 13/10/18 there was a worrying sign in this press release today 13th October 2018 there is a fresh media release;

      Kiwi rail said – in “HB Today” – Napier Wairoa railway line – The train will get through – eventually.

      Since the Labour coalition has taken over as government we have had no visible financial support to “upgrade our broken rail service to Gisborne many in our community are now fearful that we may never have our rail services restored now if no serious funding to upgrade our rail infrastructure is forthcoming.

      We have all seen that the Government is demonstrating a rail commitment for the Wairarapa rail services as the Minister has committed $96 million to upgrade that line in this recent Labour coalition press release.

      Many are concerned now in Gisborne/HB, while ‘no real funding has been committed any funding to upgrade the Gisborne rail service what so ever’.

      Our export based coastal eastern regions need our rail freight and passenger service restored urgently after a 6yr loss has caused a loss of safety on the roads as they are being ‘daily destroyed by many massive gridlocked movements of freight trucks weighing 63 tonnes so the roads are unable to cope with this industrial activity of heavy gridlocked truck freight and our only land transport is seriously becoming a threat to communities in Gisborne/HB.

      Our communities of Gisborne/HB need funding to get rail to Gisborne not just Wairoa!!!!!!! – Wairarapa gets $96 Million upgrade for passenger/freight service” – and Gisborne/HB we get only $5M???? – This lack of ‘’adequate funding” must be rectified urgently.

      Your response to our call is requested please email

      Latest East Coast Rail issue press release;

  1. In humanising and softening down the harsh face of politics, Jacinda, Clarke and baby Neve have given the international stage something different and special.

    Jacinda demonstrated she is only one of many women in the world, working while raising a family and breastfeeding as well. And Clarke making a bold statement that dads can be good caregivers of their children too.

    Also our PM’s UN speeches direct and warm, highlighted politics can be done another way. Perhaps the rest of the world will sit up and take notice.

  2. So are we looking for “economic ” benefit or Human connection..

    A measures of direct benefit from this popular Govt must be action creating an economic platform that distributes wealth more evenly and doesn’t hinge on a trickle down myth.

  3. It was a huge statement for women, powerful and gentle, the best kind. The USA needed an image like that. Unquantifiable, incalculable positive effects.

  4. The responses I’ve received from overseas to Jacinda’s baby pics have been amazing. So far I’ve had messages from Zambia, the UK, Canada and the US, all raving about how wonderful it was to see images of baby Neve at the UN.
    The other point they all make: How fantastic to have a young, female, fertile PM instead of yet another boring old guy or a Thatcher clone!

  5. As far as i’m concerned the liberal globalisation elite & their beloved UN can go fuck themselves. The UN is nothing but a nest of hypocritical, sycophantic, windbag vipers run by WW2 victors & the corporate business as usual elite. Let’s ink out NZ inc.

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