Political Caption Competition

By   /   October 12, 2018  /   7 Comments

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While looking at this picture, listen to this

While looking at this picture, listen to this

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    “The three stooges” version two.

  2. Michelle says:

    he has 2 knives in his back

  3. mary_a says:

    Gunfight at the Beehive Corral about to get underway …

  4. WILD KATIPO says:

    Shes comin for ya , Soiman! Get out of the waters fast !!!

  5. Jase says:

    No bridges required when everything is on the far right of the main stream.

  6. Snow White says:

    There’s a somebody I’m longin’ to see
    I hope that he turns out to be
    Someone who’ll watch over me.

  7. Snow White says:

    Just me and my shadows
    All alone and feeling blue

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