Look, sure Damien Grant eats left wing babies at night, buuuuuuut he has a point on Government’s drug hypocrisy

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While no one ever likes to agree with Damien Grant, he has a very valid point, this Government wants to parade our liberal values on the global stage while betraying them at home. The truth is that we will only solve synthetic cannabis use when we legalise the real version and on that front the Government is fecklessly rudderless.

Well known Right wing columnist and eater of infants from lower socioeconomic regions, Damien Grant

Look, sure Damien Grant eats left wing babies at night, buuuuuuut he has a point on the Government’s drug hypocrisy..

Damien Grant: Jacinda Ardern’s ramblings on the world stage amount to hypocrisy
Meanwhile, our Prime Minister, basking in the glory of the international media, thumbed her nose at the American plan to expand the decades-long failure that is the War on Drugs, preferring a ‘health approach’ to the issue.

Excellent. Perhaps she can have a chat with her Health Minister David Clark who wants to re-classify synthetic cannabis as a class A drug.

…you can’t have it both ways. We can’t turn down Trumps new war on drugs and take kudos for that while domestically implementing them at home.

We legalised synthetic cannabis, but our politicians were too gutless to implement the testing regime because there was a backlash against animal testing. As media poured on hysterical reporting of the increasing problems the Governments own inaction was causing the response was to make the entire industry illegal again, driving it underground where it is now killing 50 people a year.

On top of this, the Government now says it wants to double down on its legacy of counter-productive fuckwittery by making synthetic cannabis Class A.

The majestic crown of hypercritical irony in all of this of course is that we wouldn’t even have a bloody synthetic cannabis issue if we actually legalised real cannabis in the first place.

While no one ever likes to agree with Damien Grant, he has a very valid point, this Government wants to parade our liberal values on the global stage while betraying them at home. The truth is that we will only solve synthetic cannabis use when we legalise the real version and on that front the Government is fecklessly rudderless.

There is no update as to when the Cannabis Referendum will happen and there is no public information campaign outlines on how it will even happen.

Currently we are considering allowing New Zealanders to end their own lives with legal suicide to avoid a painful death, yet we won’t allow those very same New Zealanders to smoke a joint to alleviate that pain.

What does that say about us as a people?

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  1. Rickoshay says:

    what it says is labour is a joke and a bad one, incompetent ministers who didnt expect a win at the last election caught on the hop with zero policy’s, except once again to rise taxes and bankrupt the rest of us.
    Giving Hillery 5 mill was the first nail in the coffin, now our spy services are accused once again in dirty politics in the US to oust Trump, whos really running this country? Are we being set on a course for one world government?
    One thing is more noticeable than any other is they do not listen to the public.
    The Deeper we dive into 1080 use the more corruption is exsposed
    It is with regret we report that we have a feral Minister for what can only loosely be called Conservation. She is abusive and evades the issues. Finally, here is the oil on Sage.

    What faith can the public have in Forest and Bird or the Green Party’s support for 1080 Poison?

    In 2002, the Department of Conservation on the West Coast (South Island) cut off 8.8 hectares of coastal land north of Punakaiki from Crown Land, and they issued the title Nelson 29830 direct to Eugenie Sage and Heather Wallace and their partners. Both were active senior members of Forest and Bird at the time.

    Eugenie Sage was the Green Party spokesperson for Conservation, and is now Minister. This raises a number of questions and these were previously raised by Bill Wallace, Ecologist, and founder of the Ban 1080 Party:

    Was standard protocol for the disposal of surplus Crown land followed?

    Who within DoC was responsible for this disposal?

    Was this a one-off Crown Grant, or have other senior members of Forest and Bird benefited from similar Crown Grants at other locations in New Zealand, eg Gerry McSweeney?

    In the 1990s, Forest and Bird were strongly opposed to the use of aerial 1080. That changed with a management restructure.

    Eugenie Sage, as Green Party spokesperson for Conservation attacked the Government’s attempts to restructure DoC. We now question conflicts of interest with Eugenie’s husband in top level management in the Department of Conservation and Sage as Minister for that Department.

    Present day Sage attacks hunters and activists alike. She appears to have no filters and even used coarse language in the media today. Her department’s 1080 operations using poison and helicopters appear to target members of the public following recent allegations, and poison operations seem to be using loopholes in the legal system to forge ahead with their programs against the public’s wishes and those of the interests of invested groups within the communities.

    Answers from the Labour-led government are urgently needed.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Winston Peters new who would win. How does that compare to your assessment? A lot of people said that John Keys economic plans and funding were all in the forward estimates of the budget documents. Well except for the ANZAC frigate upgrades and about $14 billion in unpaid infrastructure deficit not to mention all the unpaid liabilities. So youve got to kind of compare reality with the economic reality that’s reported on paper and through the media ect. When there’s a discrepancy people try and take advantage of the discrepancy to the upside or downside.

      It’s undesirable when financial media use terms like fakenews or use reality TV as smart people. If you’re pessimistic or optimistic you’ll probably end up being broke very soon. The key is to be realistic.

      It’s been almost a year of the Labour coalition government and any one who’s followed The Daily Blog believes that financial news is absolute nonsense. Interesting the premises that was espoused by National Party MPs about the incoming government has been proven to be false yet those lies still linger.

      That National Party policy was to assist in employment and Labour wanted to ruin the economy ect. But look at what Simon Bridges offers, he proposes to expand oil drilling and expand billions in mortgage backed securities and products per month, MONTH and for an indefinite period and that’s suppose to help unemployment.

      From a Labour force perspective you don’t need to be a PH.D. Or financial engineer or an investment rocket scientist. From a laymen’s perspective, from a realistic perspective exactly how does this assist unemployment? Well, you borrow $80 billion dollars of mortgage backed securities from the U.S. FED reserve and park it on the New Zealand Governments balance sheet. Unless every ones a derivatives trader or mortgage lender, there’s no direct linkage between that action and employment.

  2. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    The obvious answer to the synthetic cannabis issue is to legalise marijuana ASAP, which will immediately make the synthetics irrelevant. It’s honestly not that hard, and it’s not even going against the wishes of the voters.

  3. Mark says:

    Actvists promote legal access to cannabis since 30 years ago.
    Dunne’s son gets shoulder tapped by Star Trust “can ya help us out?”
    Sure thing I will get Dad to sign off on it, no worries.
    Nek Minit we have synthetic BS hit the street.
    Oh no there was one or two hospitalisations because of these weaker versions of synthetics, we must ban it immediately.
    Manufacturer: oh no I will have to invent a new version to stay in business.
    Dunne and co ban them all.
    Labour wins the election with medicinal cannabis being one of its mainstay policies, legal within 100 days they said.
    Election happens and we finally kick Dunne the scum out.
    Coalition agreement with slimeball Winnie serving his own interests.
    Medicinal cannabis changed to just a slim percentage of people, not really covering all those people with chronic pain who won Labour the election.
    Discovering after the coalition agreement that Winnies partner Jan Trotman was General Manager of Jensenns Pharma who bring Fentanyl into the country – sees the potential for shares still in that company thus a conflict of interest that applies to all public servants BUT politicians.
    Dunne becomes Chair for an Advisory Board for Setek Therapeutics who intend producing medicinal cannabis products
    National calling for synthetics to be made Class A
    Dunne calling for the real thing to be legalised to deal to the synthetics issue.
    What a joke, the two parties who introduced that crap now trying to dictate to get rid of them.
    Labour ripped out all the beurecrats so now there is hardly anybody working on the medicinal cannabis policy and it sounds like the select committee wont go for the next reading until March next year.
    Referendum date yet to be announced and we still haven’t a clue what the question will be….
    Labour 100 day policy or 100 year policy.
    Meanwhile sick and disabled people are still being prosecuted for using it.

  4. esoteric pineapples says:

    “There is no update as to when the Cannabis Referendum will happen”

    I’m still waiting for some news on when night classes will start again

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