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  1. Just to reinforce what we already know, here is a new report exposing the bias and plain lies aimed at Corbyn and the new Socialist Labour UK party.
    The Guardian and BBC both of course prominently represented as a regular contributors to this fake news campaign.

    Media Reform Coalition Report
    Labour, Antisemitism and the News
    A disinformation paradigm

    Media lens article
    “Blanket Silence: Corporate Media Ignore New Report Exposing Distorted And Misleading Coverage of Corbyn”

    • +100 ADRIAN THORNTON….a concerted smear campaign against Corbyn

      ….and here is an interview with John Pilger on the mainstream media which is a servant of the establishment…‘approved news’ and unapproved opinions!…Corbyn is discussed

      ‘Special guest John Pilger on ‘approved news,’ Syria, Iran, austerity and Julian Assange (E662)’

      “On this episode of Going Underground, legendary journalist John Pilger discusses Syria and it’s ally Iran and the Trump administration’s policies towards the two countries, the Venezuela crisis, Julian Assange, austerity and the concept of ‘approved news’ and unapproved opinions!”

  2. NOT the mainstream neo McCarthyist media:

    ‘Division lines’

    “America is a house deeply divided – and that division only continues. The entire Brett Kavanaugh saga has turned into a blood sport demanding each and every one of us pick a side. We are in new territory. And that place is “winner takes all.”

    CrossTalking with Christopher Neiweem, Robert Barnes, and Brian Joyce.”

        • The most popular comment from your own link:

          “THIS has nothing to do with Assad the president. This translation by the uploader is wrong. its about how the mujahedeen or jihadists are in the faction of lions. They are basically comparing themselves to a lion here which also translates to Assad in Arabic which also happens to be the name of Syria’s president but has nothing to do with him. “cliques” means factions. they are in the faction of Assad aka lion, not the president lol.”


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