National Party – recidivist copyright infringement criminals


No rhythm and all blues

Oops they did it again…National pulls Carpool Karaoke rip-off promo amid copyright fears
Move over James Corden and Adele, there are some new carpool karaoke divas on the scene in the form of National leader Simon Bridges and MP Chris Bishop – but the promotional stunt may land them in legal strife.

Dashcam footage of the National Party colleagues driving to Parliament was uploaded to Simon Bridges’ Facebook page on Wednesday, and it provides a brief insight into the musical tastes of the pair.

But, the video intended to showcase more of the personal side of the senior National MPs may land their Party in copyright hot water, as a string of famous tunes are played through the stereo of Bishop’s fully electric Nissan LEAF.

Within the three minute clip, songs from music industry heavyweights Elton John, Pearl Jam and Franz Ferdinand are played.

When contacted by the Herald today, National’s chief press secretary Michael Fox said they had now taken down the video as a “precaution”.

“Our view is the songs were covered under the fair use and incidental use provisions in the Copyright Act because the music was being played in the background and only for the purposes of review,” Fox said.

But Copyright lawyer Kevin Glover said there was no such thing as a “fair use” defence in New Zealand and the more appropriate defences would be “incidental copying” or “fair dealing”.

Ummmmm, So now the National Party are repeat copyright infringement – when will the GCSB start illegally spying on them and arrest them for deportation to America?

You know, like the National Party did with Kim Dotcom.


  1. Its great, we live in a country where politicians create laws that don’t apply to themselves just like the law doesn’t apply to police officers, and now we have a university proctor who burgled several student’s gear and walks away scot free.
    Yet us commoners get punished for looking sideways the wrong way.
    As for Dotcom, National created laws to make what they did legal.

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