Simon Bridges can’t make his mind up about Trump


Is Trump an insult or a great leader?

Ummm, Simon Bridges can’t seem to make his mind up if Trump is an insult or is a great leader…

…so what one is it Simon?

Is Trump an insult or is he a great leader who shouldn’t be laughed at? Simon is all over the place and his inconsistencies don’t seem to attract any media attention.

Perhaps Simon needs to get a new press secretary?


  1. If the Nat’s didn’t have the MSM faithfully and semi-coherently delivering their corporate-friendly narrative for them on a daily basis, they would be even more risible than they already are.
    The corporatocracy must be rolling their eyes at the bunch of incompetents they have fronting their insidious antidemocratic campaign within the NZ political sphere.

    Jesus wept.
    I’d laugh if the underlying implications of their policies weren’t so tragic.

  2. Forced to bark at every car, there is no time for learning, consideration, development, education, leadership. Bridges is a one-man Shakespearean tragedy, having lost any sense of reality. Woof! There goes another one!

  3. Bridges’ political shelf life is numbered. Hence why he barks at every passing truck, car, bike, segueway, roller blades. Every time he’s interviewed on RNZ his incoherence and incompetance is eye-rolling. How he ever became a MP is beyond me.

    He’s the closest we have to a Trump-like figure where his thinking is constantly clouded with mental fog.

    I hope he stays as the Nats’ leader.

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