Dear Duncan Garner – let’s be clear, you can stick Donald Trump’s war on drugs up your arse

By   /   September 25, 2018  /   20 Comments

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Duncan Garner was on the failing  AM Show ranting like  lunatic about Jacinda Ardern turning down Donald Trump’s invitation to join his new phase of the War on Drugs.

Duncan Garner was on the failing  AM Show ranting like  lunatic about Jacinda Ardern turning down Donald Trump’s invitation to join his new phase of the War on Drugs.

Really Duncs?

He foamed that Jacinda should agree to Trump’s war on drugs because this was Trump testing us to see if we are still his mate.

Really Duncs?

Do you hate Jacinda Ardern so much that you are demanding she agree to another mad war on drugs?

Do you know what the War on Drugs does Duncs?

It sees 2400 state tenants wrongfully thrown onto the streets because of a meth hysteria you helped whip up.

It sees us needlessly spending $120million on a meth contamination that never existed that you helped feed.

It sees 45 deaths each year from synthetic cannabis forced under ground because of the hysteria you personally whipped up.

It sees meth violence rip through our communities, it sees 7000 NZers still arrested for cannabis each year, it saw Helen Kelly made a criminal in her final days because of the National Government refusing her cannabis medicine, it sees our double bunked over crowded violent prisons full of drug criminals who get no rehabilitation.

In short, the counter productive and spiteful war on drugs as promoted by fuckwits like Duncan Garner, National Party MPs and most National Party voters  has damaged NZ enough, that Jacinda has the courage to refuse Trump another pointless phase of this stupid, counter productive and spiteful war  should be celebrated by every New Zealander with a basic education and conscience.

Duncan Garner is the echo of a conservative roar that doesn’t know it’s dead yet.

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  1. countryboy says:

    If duncan garner wasn’t convinced the world was flat he’d know about a place called Portugal.

    But it’s really not about drugs, or wars on drugs, we know that, that simply creates a market for them. Ask any Colombian.

    Anyone wanting to know about any propaganda including re drugs should read Dr David Robbie’s Post here.

    duncs can still taste jonky’s arsehole on his lips. That’s duncs’ issue.

  2. Xray says:

    I 100% agree with the PM that drug use and especially abuse is a health problem and should be addressed as such.

    But where is the evidence her government are doing anything about it?

    Talk is cheap.

    As for Dunky, what a waste of oxygen he and his TV station are!

  3. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    Duncan Garners anti-intellectualism knows bounds. It’s incredible to me that the talent pool for broadcasters in NZ is so incredibly shallow that that likes of Duncan have any chance of being on air. Like him or not, the show was undeniably a lot better under Paul Henry.

    • Mark Huston says:

      Absolutely, Duncan Garner doesn’t even come close to Paul Henry. I honestly thought he was going to have a heart attack about a week ago. He looked so stressed. You are right about Three as well, their has been a remarkable shift to the right, even Mark Richardson still states his adoration for John Key.He left the building giving a week’s notice for God’s sake. National did Nothing for Nine Years and left the coalition with budget constraints.I also hardly watch the AM show and the Newshub as they are heavily influenced by CNN so seldom say anything positive about Donald Trump and look what he has done for the American economy. I certainly see the in incredible lift in my Kiwisaver account.

  4. Andrew says:

    This is not about Trump

    This is not about meth of synthetic dope

    It’s about international drug trafficking

    dear Cindy needs to remember that a person is often judged by the friends they keep. And being mates with the corrupt and despotic at the UN is not a good look.

    • aom says:

      Yes F-wit – that’s why she didn’t sign us up with with the corrupt and despotic at the UN !

    • e-clectic says:

      We could be chummy with the US or we could abstain from their drug war charade.

    • simonm says:

      You’d have to be real moron to think that any new phase Trump might bring to the “War on Drugs” will be any more successful than the previous 50 years of dismal failure.

      The original “War on Drugs” was begun, perhaps not coincidentally, 50 years ago by another US president who was deeply mired in a corruption and obstruction of justice investigation, Richard Nixon.

    • Mjolnir says:

      “It’s about international drug trafficking”

      So how’s that “war on drugs working out Andrew?? How many billions more do you want to waste on this futile pursuit?

      Seriously, dude, you should take time to read up on the failure of the “war on drugs”. Educate yourself. You’re not doing any favours for yourself by mindlessly parroting old cliches.

  5. Zack Brando says:

    I removed NewsHub from my bookmarks about a week ago. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    TV3, Three Now – whatever they call themselves these days, they have ruined The Nation, their one good show has gone down hill since changing its name to “NewsHub Nation”.

    It’s sad for democracy that many older voter’s views on NZ issues are largely shaped by these news channels. These brainwashed oldies are quite the afront to democracy.

    • GreenBus says:

      so true zb. hit the nail on the head although not all oldies included.

    • SARAH says:

      Some of us oldies haven’t been brainwashed and have turned off as well. Even TV1 has gone down the gurgler and isn’t watched in this house.

    • stefan broca says:

      “These brainwashed oldies are quite the affront to democracy.” Are you sure? You’re not falling into the type of generalisation based on a few “news items” common among the great mass of sweaty reactionaries are you?

    • Nik says:

      I check in with the mainstream from time to time but mainly read TDB and The Standard for local news, sure it’s basically all opinion but the advantage is is doesn’t masquerade as objectivity, and you can be sure no-one here has any reason to express anything besides what they genuinely think. The same reason I feel the Herald’s letters page, as misguided and asinine as some of their regular contributors may be, is still more cards-on-th-table honesty than can be expected from much of its main content. For the least partisan-feeling international news I read Reuters.

    • mosa says:

      The ” Nation ” was never that good in the first place.
      It was a Media Works propaganda programme all designed to showcase the National party ( thanks to Key bailing them out ) and shit on any left leaning politician stupid enough to stand in front of the firing squad.
      All designed for ” gotcha ” politics and the audience at six pm.

  6. Mark says:

    All the scientific evidence I have seen says cannabis is safer than alcohol, maybe the war on drugs should shift back to prohibition of alcohol if we are to believe any of these officials but no, they keep alcohol legal and completely ignore the harm and go after softer drugs like cannabis, NZ should take no part in this any longer, it makes a mockery of evidence based policy.

  7. Rickoshay says:

    yeah i agree Mark, the hillbilly heroin epidemic is here and thats a U.S. made fake drug that is highly addictive and doctors are payed extra to prescribe it as a bonus.

  8. piper says:

    Duncan,who used to say,i left this place of lies and egoists Parliament,as he was then a Parliament reporter has himself become a parody of his loathing.

    I like Mark,no longer allow this tv show to curdle my breakfast eggs.

  9. Andrea says:

    Meanwhile, in Mexico, thousands are dying and disappearing in the wars around drugs. Just south of the sandcastle wall. And what effective things has America done since the start of NAFTA to abate this horror?

    Totally agree that this war is a lost cause. Too broad and too deeply embedded. Too much opportunity for unleashing the worst human traits. It’s a winner!

    America is useless at wars – and diplomacy. A nation of failed gaols and rampant theocracy, not to mention obese litigation and justice for money.

    I’m glad we stayed out of this latest wind-up.

  10. Mjolnir says:

    Every time I hear an utterance from Garner he reminds me how an uneducated man can still be given a platform to vent his ill-informed prejudices. Let’s face it, he’s no John Campbell, Christiane Amanpour, or John Pilger.

    Is he really the best tvnz has to offer? Is this the best our state broadcaster can find for intelligence, insight, and analysis? No wonder I and so many others stick with Radio NZ. One can only take so much insult to our intelligence.

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