Donna Awatere Huata – Finally some good news on Climate Change!


Finally good news on Climate Change!

Donna Awatere Huata secures top job as Māori Climate Commissioner

Awatere Huata was on Monday appointed Māori Climate Commissioner by the Sir Mark Solomon-led Māori Carbon Foundation, a private carbon trading business which plants forests on communal Māori land.

Donna Aware Huata is one of the fiercest voices in New Zealand’s political universe. I have an enormous amount of respect for Donna, yes there are times when I’ve disagreed with her and there have been times when she was ‘disgraced’ (although I’ve always maintained she was treated very differently from other white collar criminals – because she wasn’t white), but I’ve always held her intellect and radicalism in the highest of regards.

That she is the Māori Climate Commissioner gives her an enormous platform to demand real action and real change and her fearlessness in calling it the way it is means she is the perfect person for the job.

We need someone with true courage to call out NZs pitiful climate change adaptation and the philosophy of indigenous peoples in terms of first people environmentalism is more necessary than ever before.

Her appointment is possibly the first good news we’ve had on climate change in a very long time. Much power to her arm.


  1. Let me get this straight. A private business with a vested interest in carbon credits appoints the commissioner…

    That appointee is a convicted fraudster…

    The fraudster runs the propaganda for the private business which forms a slush fund out of converting holdings into carbon credits… The fund managers bankrupt it by leveraging bad loans on it… leaving the whole lot in receivership… then the estate can be parceled out to the banks… who came up with the whole plan in the first place.

    • Good on Donna wish her all the best – doesnt matter if you Maori or non Maori climate change the biggest issue affecting us today. Dont waste time on negative attitudes and blogs. Have a growth mindset.

  2. The link informs us:

    ‘Awatere Huata was on Monday appointed Māori Climate Commissioner by the Sir Mark Solomon-led Māori Carbon Foundation, a private carbon trading business which plants forests on communal Māori land.
    The foundation’s board includes former Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully and former National Party president Michelle Boag.’

    This clearly demonstrates how rotten to the core New Zealand is, with rapacious sociopaths and eco-vandals still raking in the dollars via scams.

    We know for a fact that carbon trading has made no noticeable impact on climate change and never will. It does, however, allow private investors to make money while the nation completely fails to address the actual causes of climate change -the monetary system, the economic system, the increase in population, all of which are underpinned by the burning of fossil fuels (much of it totally unnecessary of course).

    We note that the Adern government is a business-as-usual government which is committed to the monetary system, is committed to the economic system, and is committed to population growth. It is therefore committed to driving up emissions.

    Martyn, you describe Donna Awatere Huata as ‘the perfect person for the job’ but she know anything of significance about climate change and its causes,? Does she know what needs to be done to prepare for the dire conditions that NZ is likely to face in the very near future? I very much doubt it. But if Donna were totally up to speed with all the latest data and analysis, I very much doubt anyone in the various ministries that are driving up New Zealand’s emissions would take any notice: they have their own agendas, and protecting the future is not on the list.

    • Donna – “Perfect person for the job”

      I suppose that depends on what job is in question.

      Donna runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds swinging from political protest to Act party candidate.

      Convicted fraudster and in later schemes discredited by NZQA, owed large amounts of money forcing liquidation.

      Sounds like a nest of activity using climate change as a bandwagon for more like financial adventures.

      Donna has no history or credentials in the field of climate change but will no doubt adopt some out of convenience, to suit this private excursion into trading for profit.

  3. what happened to giving people a second chance lolbagz in our country we have a very bias and unfair legal system it has two tiers one for the rich and one for the poor and brown which is why people like William Yan aka Bill Liu was able to pay his way out of prison. So I suggest you shut up about Donna and leave her to do her job she has paid her penalty unlike some others in our country sitting in expensive motels and buying our NZ citizenship.

  4. More evidence that the likelihood of catastrophic climate change has been known about for decades and has been hushed up for decades:

    ‘In the 1980s, oil companies like Exxon and Shell carried out internal assessments of the carbon dioxide released by fossil fuels, and forecast the planetary consequences of these emissions. In 1982, for example, Exxon predicted that by about 2060, CO2 levels would reach around 560 parts per million – double the preindustrial level – and that this would push the planet’s average temperatures up by about 2°C over then-current levels (and even more compared to pre-industrial levels).

    Later that decade, in 1988, an internal report by Shell projected similar effects but also found that CO2 could double even earlier, by 2030. Privately, these companies did not dispute the links between their products, global warming, and ecological calamity. On the contrary, their research confirmed the connections.

    Shell’s assessment foresaw a one-meter sea-level rise, and noted that warming could also fuel disintegration of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, resulting in a worldwide rise in sea level of “five to six meters.” That would be enough to inundate entire low-lying countries.

    Shell’s analysts also warned of the “disappearance of specific ecosystems or habitat destruction,” predicted an increase in “runoff, destructive floods, and inundation of low-lying farmland,” and said that “new sources of freshwater would be required” to compensate for changes in precipitation. Global changes in air temperature would also “drastically change the way people live and work.” All told, Shell concluded, “the changes may be the greatest in recorded history.”

    For its part, Exxon warned of “potentially catastrophic events that must be considered.” Like Shell’s experts, Exxon’s scientists predicted devastating sea-level rise, and warned that the American Midwest and other parts of the world could become desert-like. Looking on the bright side, the company expressed its confidence that “this problem is not as significant to mankind as a nuclear holocaust or world famine.”
    The documents make for frightening reading. And the effect is all the more chilling in view of the oil giants’ refusal to warn the public about the damage that their own researchers predicted. Shell’s report, marked “confidential,” was first disclosed by a Dutch news organization earlier this year. Exxon’s study was not intended for external distribution, either; it was leaked in 2015.

    Nor did the companies ever take responsibility for their products. In Shell’s study, the firm argued that the “main burden” of addressing climate change rests not with the energy industry, but with governments and consumers. That argument might have made sense if oil executives, including those from Exxon and Shell, had not later lied about climate change and actively prevented governments from enacting clean-energy policies.’

  5. I too was once an admirer of Awatere.Her qualifications for this worthless ineffective scam are very very good. Her understanding of this issue? ….zilch. Her climate science qualifications?……zilch her eco experience???? ya know planting a forest 35 years ago like stupid greenies like yours truly did? Nah, nada , zilch. It’s a con Bomber!.

  6. Martyn, I presume your post was done with tongue in cheek.

    She not just an idiot, she’s a fraudulent and technically illiterate idiot.

    Oh and by the way, how is Maori climate different from everyone else’s climate?

    • OUT BLOODY RAGEOUS; Surely you’re right Andrew about this being a tongue in cheek stirring exercise; if not then it’s another blatant example of how the glorification of all things Maori by our guilt ridden white middle class only serves to uphold the hegemony of the liberal elite, who’re hell bent on bringing about the extinction of our species. Looks like Maori cronyism to me, which in this case is a job for a girl who really know’s how to work the system & feather her own nest.

      • well we have had 150 years of pakeha hegemony so 50 years of Maori cronyism seems minor in comparison and who has benefitted the most I rest my case we all know who

        • You’re not getting away with that Michelle. All power groupings, ethnicity’s, tribes & families look after their own by practicing such things as cronyism & nepotism. I’m just opposed to such things in general. It’s only a race thing if you want to make it one. There’s no such thing as people of pure race in NZ or anywhere, we’re all of mixed blood. Of course if you disagree with this & prefer to see yourself as being descended from some kind of chosen race or people, then this is probably defined as being racist, or at least holding an ethnocentric point of view. By the way I do not consider myself to be a pakeha, I’m a first & foremost a New Zealander of European descent, who’s ancestors are well & truly of this land.

          • well you are a pakeha Johnnybags and if you dont like it too bad and so am I and I have no problem with that you seem to have a problem with Maori whats wrong johhny are you upset that we are starting to have a voice and its upsetting you.

            • Johnnybags? Is that the best you can do? Very primary school yard. Pakeha eh, according to who? Who are you? Step back a sec, think it through & get back to me, as I’m prepared to be enlightened. My pet beef is with people who lie to themselves about who they really are. I think believing in your own bullshit is called being delusional, it’s definitely very unenlightened. Only last week you totally agreed with one of my comments, funny how quickly the tables can turn. Ain’t being human a bitch.

      • Facts, convoluted statistics & irrelevant waffle that serve to maintain the self importance & equilibrium of a closed mind are meaningless to me.

        • I’v seen you and Andrew argue this kind of thing before. Combining anything Māori and climate is your fav petting zoo. No one should have to justify either to you. It’s a trained behaviour, and unless you address you’re not going to push the extinction narrative unopposed. So not focusing on side issues. In all the whole approach to climate needs a good effort.

  7. Foxes guarding the hen house.
    This is just shocking.
    By all means she has paid her debt and should be able to seek employment, but in a position that will put temptation in her way again? This is courting disaster.

  8. what load of bull shert who cares if she has no qualifications in climate science our last PM had no experience in being a PM and he had poor communication skills mumbling and bumbling his way through things but still got the job for 9 years cause too many dumb dumbs kept voting for him despite all his lies and broken promises and I know best attitude.
    Susan devoy was shoulder tapped by john she had no experience for her role and what about johns school mate the one he shoulder tapped for the GCSB role, his qualification was being johns school mate. I’m sure there is many other appointed by our governments who had no qualifications or expertise in the areas they have been appointed.
    Lastly we had many Maori affairs Minister that were sinister and were not qualified to do this job but still got the job why is that?

  9. Youre excited about a former act party member who frauded tax payers money out of maori initiatives just so she could have some cosmetic surgery?

    How much is she stealing from this climate change gig?

    She’s from the act party…. of course she’s stealing, frauds all the act party is good at…

    Honestly now that she’s involved I’m kinda rooting for climate change just cos I can’t be on the side she’s on…ever…

  10. One thing for sure she can’t steal our wai (water) cause its already being stolen legally and it ain’t Maori selling our water or letting them exploit council bylaws is it?

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