Sure, but why would you go on The Nation (or The Am Show)


They are all bitching about Jacinda turning down going on The Nation, but the simple point for any Government MP is why on earth would you go on Mediaworks at all?

The AM Show and the Nation have a tiny audience and the entire interview structure of both shows is to capture a Paddy Gower ‘gotcha’ moment which then gets recycled at 6pm when TV3 has an audience.

Why appear on a show with no audience, just to get tripped up on purpose by Paddy wannabes Tova, Duncan or Lisa to manipulate a headline for the 6pm news?

My advice to the political Left has always been to ignore Mediaworks and focus on the other much larger and far more balanced media outlets.

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  1. “My advice to the political Left has always been to ignore Mediaworks and focus on the other much larger and far more balanced media outlets.”

    This seemed like good advice but I couldn’t find any larger balanced media outlets 🙂

    • Yes. The attack on Winston Peters by Kim Hill yesterday and the patsy liedown by Susie Ferguson for Simon Bridges were an absolute disgrace. We have no reputable mainstream media outlets.

  2. Dear Martyn.

    The media is now clearly becoming arrogant as ‘the accusatory judge and jury of the current Government’s actions’ wrongly.

    While at the same time are clearly offering a “sympathetic supportive position to the national party which is improper use of what should be a fair and balanced reporting posture.

    It is absolutely fair for this new government to use any media that offers a fair balanced reporting posture and we hope soon that The Daily Blog is funded by Government to re-start the Fifth Estate with Martyn Bradbury as the champion producer and anchor of the Fifth estate show volume two in 2018. Waatea 5th Estate

    The new Fifth estate show, hopefully will be featuring the new Government coalition partners on a weekly talk back show again with guests.

  3. Apart from the Otago Daily Times and Radio NZ, almost all of the remaining media is owned by Australian business. They have zero interest in left leaning politics, or in the quaint idea of being fair or balance.

  4. We still live in a right wing dictatorship
    Nothing has changed since the end of the nasty Natz
    It’s just the attack media have moved from hitting the opposition to now attacking them as the government but even more viscously.
    All coverage wheather good or bad is NEGATIVE and the only difference between Clark and Cullen and this administration is guts and experience to be able to strike back.
    They are up against it and if I was Adern I would go hell for leather in the next 18 months and really shake things up.
    I am not holding my breath.

  5. The problem for Labour with media is that no one fears them. They do fear National – it can and does cut back RNZ funding, it could privatise TVNZ.

    It’s as with the teacher and nurse unions, passive when dealing with National as it is running down the state sector deliberately, so they cannot be reasoned with.

    Time for RNZ+ with Beehive Media inputs to go direct.

  6. The new government was handed a shit sandwich by National.
    This does become apparent in the media weather the MSM want it to or not.

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