GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Corrections Staff walk free


The 3 guards get off

Perhaps a verdict on gangs more than on proper prison guard behaviour . It doesn’t make for a safer world for anyone.

“Faafoi was charged with assault with intent to injure Angell after kicking the prisoner in the head three times.

He was found not guilty.

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Paikea was charged with causing grievous bodily harm with reckless disregard after CCTV footage showed him kneeling down over the back of Angell’s legs.

The Crown said Paikea deliberately bent Angell’s ankle at a 90-degree angle causing a compound dislocation.”


  1. Thug bastard screws. Let off by the pathetic authority loving, compliant “kiwi” attitude so prevalent in this country, it is amazing there are still forelocks to be found, most of them were tugged off long ago it seems sometimes

    So many New Zealanders know exactly how many Fly Buys points they have, but do not have clue number one about issues such as incarceration or prisoners rights

  2. This is typical Corrections – they can act in any way they wish with total impunity.
    They say in their code of conduct (and it’s plastered on all the walls around every jail) that they will not tolerate violence in any form.
    What a joke.
    They don’t even uphold their own policies.

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