The weak “are slaughtered and are erased”- Where is the outrage at Netanyahu’s threat directed at Iran?


For over 45 years, Israel, widely known to be a nuclear state, has had a deliberate policy of ambiguity over its nuclear capabilities: no testing, no talking and no making threats.

Israel has always argued that upholding the above policy proves that, unlike its neighbouring countries in the Middle East, it can be trusted with possessing nuclear weapons-because it will use its nuclear capabilities purely for defensive purposes and never as a tool to threaten and intimidate others.  

But- speaking at a recent event held at an Israeli nuclear research facility, Israel’s Prime Minster, Benjamin Netanyahu, in remarks made to patently intimidate Iran, broke with the above tradition by suggesting that the strong would survive while the weak were slaughtered and erased from history.

Where is the restraint that is supposed to make Israel responsible enough to be trusted with nuclear weapons?

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And- why is it that Netanyahu’s horrific rhetoric toward Iran doesn’t seem to attract nearly as much attention in the media as the disputed statement made some 13 years ago by the former president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Despite subsequent corrections and clarifications published in newspapers, such as the Guardian and the New York Times, the mistranslation of a 2015 statement made by Ahmadinejad, is still used by Western and Israeli hawks to prove Iran’s intention to see Israel “wiped off the map of the world”.  

Yes- Ahmadinejad was a demagogue fool- but no, he did not call for Israel to be “wiped off”, and for those of us who speak Farsi, there was never any doubt that the former president’s statement was mistranslated.

In 2015, Ahmadinejad quoted the late Ayatollah Khomeini’s statement that “this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time” just as the Shah’s regime in Iran had vanished. What he was calling for was a future regime change in Israel, not its annihilation.

But despite experts confirming Ahmadinejad was misquoted, the false narrative of Iran’s intention to exterminate Jews continues to this day in order to pave the path to another bloody war in the Middle East.

And nothing gets us closer to that path than the US’ recent cancellation of its nuclear deal with Iran which was motivated primarily to appease the strongest critic of the deal, Israel.

But Israel’s argument against the Nuclear Deal is based on nothing but misquotations and a pack of lies.

In a theatrical display and with much fanfare, Netanyahu told the world that Iran could never be trusted because it was secretly developing a nuclear program.

But – Netanyahu failed to produce a smoking gun and his claims did not match the CIA’s findings.

On Page 37 of his book “the case against the Iran Deal”, Professor Alan Dershowitz, who is very close to the Israeli Government, produced a quote from the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, urging the Iranian military to have “two nuclear bombs ready to go off in January 2005 or you are not Muslims”.

A very strange quote given that Iran has always strongly maintained that its perusal of nuclear power is for domestic purposes only.

Britain’s Lord Lamont exposed the source of the quote to be Jerome Corsi who, according to Wikipedia, is a conspiracy theorist and one of the contributors to the rumour about President Obama not being an American citizen. Do I need to say more?

Israel, a self-claimed democratic country and an ally of the West, should be held accountable by the media for its horrific and warmongering rhetoric as well as its apartheid polices and injustices toward Palestinians.

Men like Trump and Netanyahu assume that they can get away with doing and saying anything. Isn’t it time we proved them wrong by standing united in our outrage?



  1. Western governments have quite effectively positioned themselves outside of the law, or they just retrospectively okay criminal activity perpetrated by authorities. Both international and domestic law. There’re so many possibilities of rapture like Christian discipline will come pretty close to a reality. A hit against Iran will be an open war against Shiism and New Zealand is already involved in a proxy war against Shia in Iraq. Not only will that make the caldron of Iraq far worse but there’s 2 million in Saudi Arabia mostly oil workers, Bahrain and Pakistan have huge Shia populations and I’m sure the reformer Imran Khan would be out of power. Hezbollah would move against Israel. Iran doesn’t have the capacity to hit back at the U.S but they would hit back at Israel. The possibility of the Middle East imploding seems just a matter of time, the straits of Hormuz would be shut down and oil sky rockets above $100 and New Zealand petrol at the pumps doubles over night from $2 to $4. And I think it’s pretty clear that if we as citizens don’t begin to speak with one loud voice and call for the resumption of the rules based order not only will equities prices continue its rise I think the ghosts of the Middle East will continue to haunt us for decades. And that’s with out mention risks in North Korea, Taiwan, Ukrain, Georgia, the Arctic Circle that no one seems to have thought of in terms of the weight of New Zealand’s response and the weight of the New Zealand economy. It’s like watching Great Barrier sized asteroids skim the atmosphere.

  2. Donna Miles, I would be very encouraged to believe that you are right about Iran’s seemingly hostile stance towards Israel, actually not being so hostile. Your article is the first time I have heard this view put. All other indications in whatever news that reaches us are that “Wiping Israel off the map” is still the agenda of the Iranian regime.

    I hope you are right, and I earnestly look for other sources to corroborate what you say, because it remains unbelievably absurd that a proud nation such as Iran should harbour such petty resentment against Israel’s very existence, that the murderous intent of the regime as we have up-to-now understood it, could actually be true.

    It would be a lot easier for the supporters of Israel to urge Israeli restraint if Iran’s motives were clearly proven as non-hostile.

  3. Si vis pacem para pactum

    Translated from Latin: If you want peace, prepare for war.

    The only reason Israel still exists today is because they have done just that. Never again will they be herded into rail trucks for extermination.

    They live in a tough neighbourhood where weakness isn’t a viable plan. Their neighbours seek to exterminate Israel and ultimately all Jews worldwide. So they have used their natural assets to defend themselves (Their superior intelligence).

    • Quotes from Latin are all very well and good but I don’t recall the Roman Empire doing particularly well in the long run.

      Morituri te salutant!

      • Not to mention JS but the Romans got their asses handed to them in Iran, then known as the persain empire, they actually where the only ancient empire to capture a Roman Emperor in battle. Maybe Trumpy should read some history books instead of comics.
        And dont forget that Israel bombed their atomic power station, cause they haven’t.

    • The fact that Andrew has uttered the words “superior intelligence” in describing Jews is delicious indeed.Especially in light of the statements of Miki Zohar , a lawmaker from the ruling Likud Zionist Party Israeli government.He said in mid June 2018 that the “Jewish race” is the smartest in the world and possesses the “highest human capital”.” The public in Israel is a public that belongs to the Jewish race, and the entire Jewish Race is the most comprehending [in the world].”
      When queried about his assertions he said “What can we do? We were blessed by God- and I will continue to say it at every opportunity. I don’t have to be ashamed about the Jewish people being the “chosen people” [by God], the smartest, most special people in the world.”
      Source : MPN News.
      How wonderful that his views are the same as Adolf Hitler and his Aryan Master Race theory!When you couple this with the Israeli Zionist Apartheid , criminal atrocities, ethnic cleansing, belligerent militarist attitudes, attacks on other countries like Lebanon, Iran, and Syria, a disproportionate response to perceived attacks from Gaza to the order of slaughtering 400 Palestinians for every Jewish casualty, theft of Palestinian land, illegal settlements,- you have to come to the same conclusion as me, that Zionist Israel describes in every respect that their evil terrorist regime is the Nazi Zionist Israeli State!
      And seriously, would god have chosen such a vile specimen as the Zionist Israeli?
      There is an amusing aspect , that Andrew appears to include himself in this super intelligent race chosen by god. Can I assure you, Andrew, that this and your past postings have not indicated a superior intellect. I don’t want to be unkind, but the only person who would agree with your possessing a superior intellect apart from yourself would be your Mother!!!

    • Israel: the neighbour from hell. Paranoid. Greedy. Domineering.

      Prepare for war? For 70 years these people have been WAGING war. They’ve never stopped.

      Natural assets? What natural assets? Guilt-tripping the world with the Shoah – as if they were the only people to ever face genocide? As if they were the only people in the concentration camps? Suffer! Suffer!

      An elaborate peace of theatre designed to wring the greatest amount of leeway for some despicable genocidal behaviour of their own.

      Yes. There were pogroms against the Jews – orchestrated to divert attention from appalling conditions in many European countries, and Hitler’s was the largest. It happened. No denial.

      And the current bullies in Israel’s government have milked that for all they can.

      Has that ‘superior intelligence’ ever noticed that their neighbours have NOT got together, ganged up on them, and reminded them of civility?

      Have you? Noticed, that is? Particularly noticed the massive imbalance of harm caused by the Israeli land thieves compared with what their outraged and utterly annoyed neighbours have dealt in retaliation for having to accommodate millions of refugees, being interred in a gigantic concentration camp, and living under threat of military might supplied by the support teams in the US?

      Or does ‘superior intelligence not notice those things? Perhaps it’s time it did.

      Fures cave…

    • Do you think the present stance of the state of Israel toward it’s neighbours and toward the Palestinians , as portrayed by their present leader is characteristic of Jewish people throughout history? I don’t think it is. I think they have quietly got on with their own lives and avoided conflict. But what is it that seems to have aroused the antagonism of other people wherever they have gone for thousands of years? Perhaps we are witnessing how they behave when they have the upper hand. I’m not so sure they are using that intelligence wisely.
      D J S

      • DAVID

        The antagonism toward Jews was historically purely a Catholic thing. Protestants got on fine with them, in fact the success of the Western European nations was, in part, due to their leveraging off Jewish financial skills. In the Ottoman Empire Jews coexisted peacefully right up until the end of the 19th century when a new, more radical form of political Islam arose and sought to look for a scapegoat for the collapse of that regime.


        I’m not a Jew, I’m just pointing out the evidence. Count the number of Jews who have won Nobel prizes and then see how many Muslims have done similar. Judaism embraces and encourages academic study whereas Islam seems not to.

        As you’ll know, being an historian, the Ottomans were ultimately destroyed on the battlefield because they failed keep up with the scientific advances of the West. In Europe the invention of the glass lens lead to the telescope which in turn lead to observation of the motion of planets which allowed Newton to develop his laws of motion. Someone in the British Army then realised those laws applied equally well to cannon balls and the Prussians developed this into a battlefield guide for ranging cannon… and the Ottoman army was destroyed. Meanwhile in Istanbul the only telescope in operation was destroyed by the Mullahs because it was ‘un-Islamic’. Seems things haven’t moved on in Islam.

    • The only reason Israel still exists today is because they have done just that. Never again will they be herded into rail trucks for extermination.

      No, Andrew. These days they herd their enemies into an open-air prison camp. It’s called “Gaza”.

  4. That’s been Israel’s attitude towards the Palestinians for 70 years. Might makes right. The regimes of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US , all allies, are run by ruthless thugs lacking in empathy for others, whether they are in Gaza, San’a or Mosul.

    Churchill was just as callous and racist.
    To the 1937 Peel Commission of Inquiry into the crushing of the first Palestinian intifada by British troops, Zionist auxiliaries & RAF bomber squadrons, Churchill said : “I do not agree that the dog in the manger has the final right to the manger, even though he may have lain there for a very long time. I do not admit that right. I do not admit, for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher grade race, a more worldly-wise race, to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.”

  5. It has only just clicked to me that the pattern of behaviour being observed is one of Trump taking America to war against the rest of the world. Trump was only elected thanks to the gerrymandering by Sheldon Adelson and his zionist mates in Mossad and Black Cube/MI6 rigging the electronic voting machines in key states. Netanyahu’s declaration of war is not just against Iran, but humanity as a whole. He knows he has full control over Trump and the American military machine and unfortunately it is looking suspiciously likely that Putin is also just another puppet being controlled from Tel Aviv. These shadow games in Syria and threats on Iran may just turn out into a new prison for all of humanity.

  6. Here is the final paragraph of the speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on August 14, 2018, for the celebration of the twelfth anniversary of the 2006 victory.
    He doesn’t seem over anxious. Rather an invigorating speech I thought.

    “These United States, whose projects and actions turned out to be failure after failure, I say to you today, are unable to launch wars like the ones they have launched in the past (Iraq, Afghanistan…). And this Israel is unable to launch wars like the ones he has launched in the past (Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Egypt…). And now, with our victory in Iraq, with our victory in Syria coming very soon, as the fighting will end in a few days, weeks or months (at most), with the heroic resistance of Yemen, with all the developments in our region, and with the leaders and people in Iran holding out, remaining firmly attached to their position, their foundations, their principles and their doctrine, we are now stronger than ever, and capable of shaping more victories and (positive) developments, with the help of God Almighty and the Exalted. […]”

  7. ‘The Lobby’ is a four part documentary made by an undercover journalist for Al Jazeera which reveals how the Israel lobby influences British politics. The documentary has been banned but may be watched or downloaded from Youtube. Talk about Saint George and the dragon. No wonder poor Jeremy Corbyn seems so pale and lonely loitering. Looks like a shape shifting reptile on every bus stop, bar and Lyons tea shop and simply crowds at the Labour Party conferences. Sadly, Excalibur was sold for a shekel centuries ago, the Sangreal melted in a B.P. flaming oil well and Merlin has been sunbathing in the Cayman Islands for years and recently shifted allegiance to a group of knights who enjoy tramping in Siberia.
    Palestinians were hugely mistaken when they deserted from conscripted service in the Turkish army in order to fight for the British in Palestine when they could have remained in the German front lines and helped dispose of the treacherous hordes.
    The dragon is breathing brimstone, there are scarcely any maidens to be found let alone rescued in the West so Jeremy Corbyn and all others others of his persuasion need to throw caution to the winds and start shouting aloud about the last 110 years of bloody history.

    Earlier this year Robert Fisk wrote about ‘The Lobby’ for The Independent.

  8. For fucksake , take’m America, all. Insist on some programme for those who love their land. Boost your funding for the UN on that account. But reality doesn’t support Israel. Tho’ you yourselves are long past reality in these last days.

    • To clarify, take the Israelis into their country. And we could take many into our country, to our benefit, no matter the cost to NZ/Canuck politeness.

  9. Netanyahu is shallowness, someone you go to when idealism has diffused into the air and all that’s left is protecting your fat and mortgages. Mebbe he puts his hand down for a Samarian and is considered kind.

  10. This is why i recommend RT news
    The United States, Britain, and France are admitting that their real problem isn’t alleged violations with chemical weapons. Their real problem is that the last stand of the terrorist groups is about to be vanquished. All those years of Western scheming and plotting against the Syrian government and sponsoring bloody mayhem with terrorist proxies are facing a spectacular defeat.
    And not only that, these Western powers are demonstrably, from their words, on the side of the terrorists who have ransacked and brutalized Syria into a charnel house.

    Trump’s appeals regarding Idlib about a “grave humanitarian mistake” are nauseating. The “hundreds of thousands of lives” he seems concerned about have already been lost due to the covert war sponsored by the US and its allies using terrorist proxies.

    These terrorist groups are supposed to be the enemy against which the US and its NATO partners had launched a global war over the past two decades, during which these self-proclaimed defenders of civilized values devastated whole countries from Central Asia, the Middle East to North Africa. Millions of lives have been destroyed by the US and its Western allies supposedly on a crusade against terrorist groups which these same powers are evidently now trying to protect in Syria. Trillions of dollars wasted, and Western societies saddled with austerity to pay for these wars.

    Informed critics always suspected the US-led ‘War on Terror’ to be a giant fraud to cover for criminal imperialist objectives of conquest.

    In Syria, the endgame of the war on that country is proving the case that the US and its NATO allies are pursuing interests that have nothing to do with fighting terrorism. Their interests are embedded with the terrorists.
    They arnt afraid to tell the unvarnished truth

    • If you check out Fars news from time to time they frequently report heliborne rescue operations by US of ISIS personnel all over Syria as the SAA have advanced. They , and Syria’s UN representative , talked about UK and Israeli intelligence personnel trapped in Aleppo as it was liberated. The UN rep said “and we will show them to you” but they never did. I imagine that a deal was worked out with Russia to keep their presence quiet.
      But along those lines there are bound to be Intel agents of all the countries that have been involved in aiding and arming and funding the terrorist groups collected up in Idlib. Many of them will be unable to extract themselves from al Nursra and ISIS without getting their throats cut. The US UK Fr and Israel probably need time to figure out a way to extract them without publicity.
      Aside from that, the demonisation of Syria and Russia that is going on contemporaneously with the ISIS last stand seems to be in preparation of the Western public mindset for a showdown with Syria and necessarily with Russia. What matters so much that this is necessary? It certainly is not the welfare of the Syrian people. They would re elect their president with an 80 or 90% majority. So why are US UK and France so determined to get rid of him. It isn’t because he is so bad for the people of Syria, It is because he is so effective at securing Syria’s interests for Syrians. Something so profound about his running of the country that war with Russia has to be courted to ensure that he does not prevail.
      I think it’s his sovereign banking system that has to be eradicated before people all over the world wake up to how simple it would be to have a system that everyone shares the wealth that they create instead of the Wall st banks taking the cream of everyone’s endeavours at every turn.
      D J S

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