What To Make Of Allegations John Bolton Is A Russian Spy


I have to say, the recent news that the Democratic Party is gunning for John Bolton as an alleged ‘Russian Spy’ … has me feeling seriously “confused”, to say the least.

It is not because I believe there is any worthwhile evidence establishing Bolton as an agent of Russia. But rather, for two other reasons.

First, because I am genuinely, almost *painfully* perplexed as to how somebody could *possibly* cast the *literal* Cold Warrior LARPer extraordinaire that is John Bolton as an ideological cohort of the Kremlin.

Bolton has been remarkably consistent in his (regrettably) vocally expressed views over the years. Anything which seeks to constrain American unipolar hegemony is not just “bad” but outright evil; and whether the United Nations (which he memorably suggested ought to lose a few levels from its New York headquarters), the Russian Federation (whom he accused just a few months ago of carrying out an “act of war” against the United States through alleged ‘election interference’), or the Islamic Republic of Iran – if you’ve ever presented so much as a paper-tiger road-block to the violently unilateral exercise of American hyperpower, in his view you’re a part of the problem.

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Not for nothing has it been said of Bolton that he never met a war he didn’t like.

But seriously, can you imagine the conversation in Washington about all of this?

Democrats: “You see? Clearly a Russian agent provocateur!”
Republicans: “…wait what?”
Democrats: “Only a RUSSIAN SPY could POSSIBLY have the vision and foresight to further RUSSIAN POWER by having America attack the key Russian ally in the Middle East”

Now to be fair, there is a rather good argument to be made (hence why I have, previously, made it) that the ongoing and unbridled flexing of America’s international bully-streak will weaken the US’s geopolitical position over time. And, as we are already seeing in direct relation to Iran, will considerably aid and avail the Iranian return to a stable and ordinary position within the global community of nations.

So I guess you could say that the more America is encouraged to act like the bull in the proverbial china-shop – dashing and crashing against any red rag which might perceivably bear a yellow hammer-and-sickle ensign upon it – the more that it buries itself in the porcelain … and the more that its potential rivals for influence, by which I of course mean competing models for the distribution of international power rather than just simply states, will in relative terms ascend.

Yet the notion that Bolton is deliberately weakening the United States of America in order to intentionally advance, say, Russia on a global scale or Iran on both a global and regional stage … does not stack up. For the very simple reason that Bolton is not doing or saying anything now that he has not been vomiting forth for the previous several decades.

In other words, it may be *idiotic*, but he genuinely believes it.

But the second reason I am feeling confused about this most recent bizarity, is because I am genuinely unsure as to whom I “want” to “win”. On the one hand, the ongoing ‘Reds Under The Bed’ style silliness in American politics should not be supported nor encouraged; for reasons that ought be patently obvious, but which also include the fact that the longer the US Democratic Party indulges in this nonsense, the lesser the chance it actually stops, takes a step back, and looks at itself and realizes just why it lost in 2016.

Yet on the other … it is truly easy, and more to the point, *justified* to DESPISE Bolton and HIS antics on both the domestic and the international stages for just about as long as he has been an identifiable figure upon either.

If he were to find himself the solitary scalp to land detached – from head, from White House position, from whatever – as a result of the ongoing paranoia about Russian “infiltration” in American politics, I’d have to say that I’d be hard pressed to oppose this consequence from occurring.

The World – and, for that matter, America – would be inarguably better off as a result of his removal.

In any case, it is utterly peculiar that Bolton has now found himself the target of these sorts of lurid accusations.

Still, there may yet be another positive to the situation as a consequence of this later example of rather drastic over-reach.

During the course of the McCarthy ‘campaign’ against “Soviet” subversion in American politics more than half a century ago, that interminable antagonist – McCarthy, I mean, not the Soviets – saw his fortunes and his witch-hunt finally unravel when he found himself effectively accusing the United States Army of being (or, at the very least, consciously harbouring) a pro-Soviet organization.

Now I do not, for a moment, seek to compare Bolton to an actual body of fighting men. Even though his frequent enthusiasms for “strikes”, “invasions”, and other such employments of said forces would surely put even the most jingoistic General Ripper to shame.

But just as it was patently absurd for the US Army to be tarred with the accusations of pro-Communist sympathies, given it had just fought a particularly bloody war against same in Korea at the time; it is also incipiently ridiculous for Bolton to be slandered with the “Russian stooge” label.

Wait, I think I shall have to amend that:

It is also outrageously slanderous for Russia to be defamed with the allegation that they might be working with Bolton.

There. Much better.

Anyway – here’s hoping this is the ‘high water mark’ on the ongoing efforts at employing the de-witchifying ‘ducking stool’ in American politics.

Although it almost certainly won’t be.


  1. In a strange inverted way, and surely not by Bolton’s design, he is by spearheading US aggressive foreign policy doing just what he is accused of. Advancing the international standing of Russia. As well as all and any of US rivals and partners. By the overt offensiveness in the way US is presently relating to the rest of the world. They are destroying countries and populations all over the globe with sanctions, trade wars and naked warmongering. Bolton just the other day has signalled another false flag chemical attack in Syria as a prelude to another , this time doubtless more than symbolic missile strike against Assad’s infrastructure. See article on preparations in RT this morning. No outside power could possibly do the damage to US standing in the world as they are doing themselves at the moment.
    D J S

    • And “Russiagate” is contributing immensely to the overall impression of a state in self destruction too.

      • There is substantial evidence that Russian organizations have been doing some well-funded work to give US politics a bit of a shove here and there, by setting up social media firehoses carefully disguised as genuine, local, political participation. But that evidence suggests the trolls were told to talk up both Trump *and* Sanders, which implies that they didn’t really care which *party* won the Presidency, but they particularly didn’t want *Clinton* to win it. Which in turn, suggests it has nothing to do with the state of her genitalia, and more to do with her record of Secretary of State, as exposed very publicly by leftists like Chomsky, Pilger et al:

        Whether all this justifies the claims of “hacking the election” is another question. I mean, it seems logical that the US deep state pays for similar social media troll armies to shape the group psychology of its rivals, including Russia and probably China, and that China is doing the same to the US and Russia. This just adds fuel to the fire we all started by engaging in commentary about the internal politics of other countries on sites like this one. Arguably it’s all part of business-as-usual in the internet age.

        I think we can say that the Clinton hacked the primaries. I’ve seen a number of videos of her partisans carrying out voice votes and reversing the obvious result or just closing the meeting down, when it wasn’t going Clinton’s way. I remember saying when she was announced as the Democrat candidate that she deserved to lose, and that the Democrats needed her to lose, so the Hilerati don’t get emboldened and think they can get away with hijacking the supposedly left-leaning with centre-right warmonger candidates. Having Trump as Prez sucks for the US, but I said at the time it would be the wake-up call they sorely needed, and so far, it’s serving exactly that purpose (see the Ocasio-Cortez victory etc).

  2. I’m in two minds about all this.

    On the one hand I applaud that Trump exposes the vile face of American power,without the pretence of Obama’s pretty face and speeches.
    Europe seems to be finding its spine(a little)now that it is Trump in power, rather than the popular on -the- face- of- it-GOOD Obama and the Democrats
    On the other hand its worrying that things are coming to a head, whereby sheer naked military/economic power is being called in to ram through the American Way, privatisations for corporate dominance the world over
    The figleaf has been ripped away and things are getting ugly

      • Thanks David
        I really appreciate your comments.You’re right, but still some pretty wild rocky times ahead I’m picking

        • The sunshine won’t prevent a showdown I don’t think, just allow everyone to see the plot more clearly. Bolton and Pompeo would seem to be the most extreme of US’s warmongers now that Mr Mc Cain has passed. I can’t see either of them backing away from a war that other people will have to fight. I also can’t see Putin allowing US UK and France to attack Syria more seriously than the last two symbolic gestures. They are two wolf packs , empowered by the size of the pack behind them, snarling and snapping as they work up the courage to attack. We are not a very advanced life form really.
          D J S

  3. This all fits with my old theory about what’s at the bottom of this rabbithole being attempts to shore up someone’s stock holdings in some international weapons concerns

  4. better than any reality show ever, lol , thou i have to say he kinda does look like Uncle Joe Stalin, Blow im up Bolton, just the dude to kick off the 2nd civil war ” The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” Tomas Jefferson,
    George Orwell must be spinning in his grave, to see his story 1984 coming to fruition, guess thats what you get for using fiction as a blue print for Governance

  5. The Democrat Party is having a mental breakdown. It didn’t take much of a push by Trump to send it over the edge.

    In essence the party has painted itself in a philosophical corner with its spurious ‘woke’, ‘intersectional’, white oppression, antifa, multicultural bullshit.

    It’s a mess. It has no clear path forward. Instead the ‘leaders’ compete for making the most stupid statements in order to attract attention. Every day there is a ridiculous utterance from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Shumer, Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren.

    I’ll tell you how bad they are: They make Trump seem sane!

    I hope middle America judges them accordingly.

    • Correct Andrew I agree with you and I dont smoke pot or anything else but trump is not of the Washingtobn insiders gang and are so hated that they are using another ‘Nuremburg trial’ on Trump; -while at the same time punishing the entire US opopulation and the world by using a ‘German origin” agent born in US to ridicule him and to to do the inqusition also!!!!

      Robert Mueller Just Who Is Robert Mueller ? Is He a Deep State Lifer and Son of Heinrich Mueller, Head of the Gestapo and Highest Ranking NAZI Never Caught? Operation Paperclip Implications? (politics)
      Submitted 1.1 years ago by remedy4reality
      The physical similarities between the two men are striking. Robert Swan Mueller was born August 7, 1944, at the same time the 3rd Reich was in full retreat and Heinrich Mueller had a mistress. Mueller was rumored to have been swept up in Operation Paperclip, an OSS ( CIA ) campaign to bring key Nazi Elites into the fold of the US intel infrastructure. Robert Mueller has been at the crossroads of American history throughout his entire career, including FBI director in the post 9/11 era ( appointed one week prior to the attacks) and now as Special Prosecutor, currently leading a witch hunt against the President.
      Bottom of Form

      Last name: Mueller
      Recorded in a wide variety of spellings including Moehle, Muehle, Muehler, Muller, Mueller, Mullner, Moller, Millner, Molnar, Molner and others, this is a German occupational and/or residential surname

      Read more: http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/mueller#ixzz5PEyXU3Aq

  6. “I’ll tell you how bad they are: They make Trump seem sane!”

    Stop smoking that synthetic weed, Andrew. Nothing makes Trump look sane.

  7. What rubbish. I think it was a massive mistake attempting to bring Ukraine into NATO while dropping Turkey. My thesis has been that there has been a lack of a coordinated effort across all political and economic domains since the fall of the Berlin Wall. For a brief 10 year period after the fall of the Berlin Wall while Vladimir Putin was consolidating power in Russia and while China joined the WTO, until about 2001 America and the West enjoyed big tech booms and economic booms until it all ended in 2001 with the attack on the World Trade Centre. Since then western economics has been spluttering along, tripping itself up every chance it gets or just trying to survive the latest attack to grab the headlines.

    Now we can rehearse the relative advantages or disadvantages of the war on Terror but I think we would agree that it lacks a coordinated effort. Yes the Middle East has issues, not the least of them to do with weapons of mass destruction. I doubt any Middle East leaders would admit to being relived that The U.S prevented the ghost of Saddam Hussein from gaining even more Chemical and biological weapons, and I doubt they would feel cheated if America chased those same ghosts out of Iran.

    Organised human existence, depends on these things and non of this is payed attention to. This, and every second class room around the world should be teaching climate change in class. Compared to whether or not Trump twitted something our attention is easily caught and easily distracted. Those to me are fundamental criticisms of the media.

    So all of this reduces in official ways the Arabic language not having official status, not because these are proper and coordinated moves but because it’s always been like that in one way or another. Also South Africa needs some sort of chance to overcome the white only culture. Say what you will about President Ramaphosa and the minor South African party the EFF that kicked off land expropriation with out compensation, they’ve been fighting for land rights since they were born. Who are we to say we know best.

    We’ve got China with 1.4 billion people, India is close to 1 billion, and now we are on the verge of seeing a South African make some moves and non of it is coordinated. Also OPEC as a tool to manage Middle East oil interests is less coordinated while there’s a trade war with the above countries and America. While every other country is either flat or rallying it will be interesting to see how long China, India, Turky, South Africa and Russia can resist U.S sanctions and increased tariffs or whether the BRICS (for those that don’t know (B)razil (R)ussia (I)ndia (C)hina (S)outh Africa) nations consolidate there own trading block under Russia’s developing international payment alternative to SWIFT. With over a third of the Global population, 20% of global GDP and a rising economy it would be difficult for an uncoordinated rules based order under the WTO to convince the BRICS nations that it’s better to be apart of the whole rather than going there own way.

    Considering that U.S economic might is based on how mighty the U.S Navy is, I mean I have no evidence for this, it’s entirely anecdotal so take it with salt, I know how y’all enjoy salt with your chips. But I just don’t see the U.S with all its might and technological brilliance being able to balance 3 billion Brazilians, Indians and Chinese people with only 300 odd million Americans. American and Western interests had there chance to develop South America and the African continent and we blew it. I think trade wars, cold wars, hot wars, or what ever can put on hold this move from a bi-polar world between America and China to a multi-polar world where the BRICS nations decide the trade rules but for how long.

  8. Well., the freaky little neocon walrus has just invited the MI6 whitehelmets dot con to stage the next false flag gas attack in Idlib, threatening USAMO R2P..Not one mainstream pundit asking why TF would SAA, Russian Fed or Iran sanction or need use ‘chemical weapons’ in the last stage of a winning war ? Knowing the international position regarding such use ??
    Where the last 3 ‘gas attacks’ are all known as mercenary terrorist deceptions run by LeMesurier’s Britprop atrocity troupe.

    BOLTON, failing the nuance test, lies fat and stupid somewhere, under a flag.

    • For sure, The White Helmets are importing gas canisters right now to stage this attack and have been caught red handed as the perpetrators of these attacks, they are the Jabhat al-Nusra, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham and other named organizations offshoots of Al-Qaeda and buddys of Isis, The inspectors of the OPCW has said as much, tho this is not reported in the western media because it clashes with their war rhetoric of the MSM “narrative” watch RT its all there.

      • I’ve blogged previously that there appears no evidence and not much motive for the Assad regime to have carried out the April gas attack in East Ghouta. (See: https://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2018/04/18/one-minute-to-midnight/ and https://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2017/04/15/trumpwatch-one-minute-closer-to-midnight-on-the-doomsday-clock/)

        Saudi Arabia also had access to chemical weapons from Croatia, after the break-up of former Jugoslavia. And they certainly had motive as well as means to deliver such a strike.

        Saudi Arabia’s bombing of civilians in Yemen shows clearly that they have zero moral qualms of killing innocent people when it suits them. (Armed and supported by their US ally.)

        However, I’ve not seen any reports from the OPCW stating that “The White Helmets are importing gas canisters right now to stage this attack and have been caught red handed as the perpetrators of these attacks” and that “inspectors of the OPCW has said as much”. Do you have a link to any such report from the OPCW?

        • The OPCW just get called in afterwards don’t they Frank? Chlorine is used for numerous industrial and domestic purposes. The OPCW could hardly be expected to monitor every shipment of chlorine in the world. Its put in our drinking water. And it is chlorine that the Russian defence department expects to be used here as it was falsely claimed to be used in Gouta recently. Almost useless militarily I have read , but it does for a false flag as a pretext for a missile strike.
          D J S

        • http://www.RT.com i said the white helmets have been caught red handed bringing in chlorine gas canisters to Idlib, the OPCW reports said no trace of cem weapons found, RT says that its the white helmets and provides witnesses and filmed evidence of their game and affiliations. Read Slower cuz, i believe their sources are named and include job titles etc.

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