5 Main Ways You Can Go Instead of a Regular Job


There are many people who are extremely tired by regular jobs. Aren’t you? Apart from the routine, doesn’t your boss expect you to stay in touch 24\7? Or do whatever he wants whenever he wants? You can influence that by taking chances.


According to the statistics, only in US 55.000.000 inhabitants work at the side hustles as freelancers. And that is 35% of all workforce! Everybody says this number will only increase. In such a way people tend not only to make their financial situation better, but to develop themselves furthermore by getting new skills.


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How do you see side hustles? Do you view them as a way to replace regular money income? Or do you rather feel uncertain about them? Let’s then turn our imagination on…

Imagine life without orders from your boss, without any time limits, overtime working and an actual freedom to choose your lifestyle! Do you think it’s impossible? Let’s consider 5 main courses you can take.

Course 1: Blog

How many blogs have you seen online? There are plenty of them. And the main reason for their number is their simplicity. Everyone, who has passion and\or knowledge of something and few dollars for web hosting per month can start a blog. And income can be unlimited! It’s up to you.


There are also many tutorials online about blog creating. Also you can come up with ideas by reading lifetime experience of those, who wasn’t afraid to start and succeeded.

Course 2: Tutoring

Have you had an opportunity to spend lots of time with children? Annoying people also work. You will definitely need patience, but there are truly many people willing to study English with native speakers. And this hustle is really well paid: you can get from 14 to 22 dollars on average per one hour of teaching. So in case you have a PC, good data connection and teaching experience you have to try.

Course 3: Facebook Ads

Businessmen are busy people. That’s why they always search for somebody to lead special campaigns for them. In this case you’ll get a job and they’ll get new clients. And both of you are happy!


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience. All you need is to be passionate about marketing or at least seriously considering it as a work.

Course 4: Freelancing

Again, there are many possibilities of remote work at the moment. Write articles. Manage social accounts. Help others to finish the work faster\better\harder\stronger and get paid for it!

Course 5: Shopify Store

If you have any type of passion you can merchandize it. Shopify is an extremely easy-to-use and user-friendly platform, so even if you don’t have an experience of running websites or creating new ones – it’s not a big deal.


What you need to do – is do decide what kind of stuff do you want to sell. What would you like to buy? Think about what people need and what you can provide them with. And then make a plan and start doing!

To conclude

Of course you don’t have to dive in too deep at the very beginning. You can try one or few of these opportunities alongside with the full-time job before giving yourself to the full. This may help you to figure out, what type of hustles can work for you.


  1. The number of people taking up side hustles is growing each year!
    Often the side hustles such as the methods mentioned in this post, can go on to replace conventional jobs over time and lead to a full time income.

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