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The Liberal Agenda: Neža Jamnikar presents – Saudade

By   /  August 23, 2018  /  1 Comment

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Saudade plays
Dates:  4/9, 5/9, 6/9, 7/9, 8/9 @ 6:30 PM
Venue: Basement Theatre
Tickets: $15 – $20
Bookings: www.basementtheatre.co.nz or phone iTicket 09 361 1000

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Neža Jamnikar presents




A stark abstract dance solo

by Slovenian Contemporary Dance Artist Neža Jamnikar


‘Saudade’ is the longing for a long gone sensation, experience, state of being and space.

It is loneliness and all the emptiness.

A nostalgic feeling of absence.

It is everything and nothing.


Neža created her first full length solo in a storm.

Started, stopped, let it go, moved away and slowly entered again with a different perspective.

An attempt of trying to accept and understand a personal, emotionally intense experience through the physical body led her on a journey of accepting the presence of every single emotion, valuing the importance of (countless forms of) spaces, and a constant, never-ending process in life as well as in artistic creation.


‘Best Dance Performance’ award at Dunedin Fringe Festival 2018

»We are immediately curious and slightly uncomfortable. […] This was an edgy ‘fringey’ work that held us in its grip for 45 minutes.«

(Ali East, Dunedin Fringe Festival 2018)


»It’s an interesting piece of choreography because I couldn’t stop watching it. […]

Watching Saudade made me think. «

(Hannah Molloy, Theatre Review)


Neža Jamnikar is a contemporary dance artist from Slovenia, currently based in New Zealand. She holds a BA (Slovenia) and MA (Ireland) in Contemporary Dance Performance, and has been creating her own work since 2012. Her interests are changing depending on her state of being, weather, interactions with people, flow of the day, things she sees, smells, touches. Lots of times becoming sick of dance, she turns to other art forms and the world around her to seek inspiration and fulfillment.  


Neža invites you to share the space with her, to let yourself feel everything and nothing.

Saudade plays
Dates:  4/9, 5/9, 6/9, 7/9, 8/9 @ 6:30 PM
Venue: Basement Theatre
Tickets: $15 – $20
Bookings: www.basementtheatre.co.nz or phone iTicket 09 361 1000



About Basement Theatre

Described by Metro Magazine as ‘the beating heart of Auckland Theatre’, Basement Theatre is a home to professional and budding theatre artists, comedians, dancers and musicians alike. Renowned for its ability to push the boundaries of artistic expression, Basement Theatre is Auckland’s culture-defining powerhouse.

Basement Theatre nurtures local live artistic voices that are unique and urgent, and aims to inspire and challenge New Zealand audiences and arts organisations, and reflect our diverse identities and experiences. The programme is made up of more than 80% New Zealand content, and more than 50% world premieres.


Basement Theatre is a Charitable Trust, and puts all profits back into the community through its extensive artist development programmes, and risk-share box office model. The organisation is committed to being a part of what makes the performing arts industry, and artists, in Auckland truly sustainable.


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1 Comment

  1. Richard Christie says:

    Saudade: a feeling of intense melancholic nostalgia (Portuguese).

    a word with no exact English equivalent

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