CPAG Summit – Rethinking the Welfare System for the 21st Century live-streamed on TDB September 12th

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How can politicians and policy-makers reform the welfare system so that it is fit for families in the 21st century?

How can politicians and policy-makers reform the welfare system so that it is fit for families in the 21st century?
Reform must be based on principles of compassion and caring, and the real needs of families, without stressful over-emphasis on paid work, and punitive, corrective methods.
The purpose of the Summit – Rethinking the Welfare System for the 21st Century – is to fulfil an urgent need to influence the welfare reform agenda, which is a key focus for the current Government. Increasing awareness among the public, politicians and policy makers about chronic problems across the welfare system, and discussing developments to improve that system, could result in it working much better for families and children.

A full-day programme of speakers aligned to this cause  will provide their perspectives and recommendations on an effective welfare system that would ensure all children in Aotearoa-New Zealand grow up thriving.
Our summit speakers include:

Honorary Associate Professor Susan St John
Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw
Dr Michael Fletcher
Dr Hirini Kaa
David Hanna
Dr Bill Rosenberg
Alan Johnson
Efeso Collins
Sam Orchard
Dr Amanda D’Souza
Associate Professor Mike O’Brien
TDB will live-stream the event on September 12th
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  1. Johnnybg says:

    All these ivory tower talk fest types with Dr before their names can’t see the wood for the trees so nothing will change. Try getting by on next to nothing for a good long time & see how your thinking & actions either mature or deteriorate.

    When our whole way of life is based on a materialistic dollar & cents world view that reduces everything to an economic unit, & everything inside & outside of you is seen as a commodity to be exploited, you’re bound to end up with many fucked up individuals flailing about in a reasoned, cold, greedy, homogenised & somnambulant society. This is the root cause of what ails us & our society, the rest are just the effects thereof.

    Even my local hospital refers to patients as customers, how ‘sick’ is that!! It’s really pretty obvious what needs to change.

  2. Rickoshay says:

    We Kiwis used to have the best social welfare system in the world, but in the interests of lowering real wages and destroying working conditions so profits could be increased a climate of fear mongering insured that it was slowly dismantled, its the old as time blame game, pick on those unable to defend them self’s with a self interest narrative ie; the leaders of the trade union movement where tar brushed as Communists. Unemployed as bludgers, solo parents as sexually promiscuous.
    We used to have the best ACC to at one time, but in the interests of the employers that was progressively dismantled to the point of dont bother applying for compensation if you dont employ a damn good ACC lawyer.
    When the government of the day brought that in they removed the right of suing a negligent employer for work related injury’s.
    Another win for big business, who promptly exported those jobs overseas to china and the likes to take advantage of even lower wages, whom then stole all there preparatory technology and set up there own business,s in direct competition.
    Greed is short sighted and self defeating lol, all that really needs done is to restore both those acts to there original form.
    Then pass a law making it impossible for governments to pass any more laws.
    True MMP does not have any opposition party’s, because the governments can not change the laws with out a major proportion of the people voting for that new law :ie Switzerland.
    No power to change laws no specal interest groups, no lobbyists.
    All partys must reach an agreement to function as a government, so no power hungry capitalists can run it all into the ground for short term gains, theyll hate that lol, i can go on but i know im whistling into the wind

  3. adam says:

    Woohoo experts to tell us what is best for us!

    Now be good little prolls, shut up and do as your told.

  4. Mark says:

    I can understand why I dont get a benefit because my wife works, but considering I am disabled means I constantly face discrimination in the workplace and as such I haven’t had a job since the previous Labour govt about 10 years ago. It’s not that I lack qualifications or experience in the areas I seek employment.
    The crux of the problem is for me to get support means I have to be on some form of benefit to qualify for employment support.
    If you think the system is going to get fixed, think again, this is going to be like every other F****ing govt where its all lip service and no help.

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