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TWITTER WATCH: Hooton hears a what? And who is really launching an attack on Simon Bridges

By   /  August 14, 2018  /  15 Comments

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Last night the architect of the Death Star and moral Shepard of the Right, Matthew Hooton, dropped a big claim on twitter…

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Last night the architect of the Death Star and moral Shepard of the Right, Matthew Hooton, dropped a big claim on twitter…

… this claim immediately was denied by those present at the actual event Hooton was referring to, and as the day went on it started to feel like Hooton’s bold claim seemed to have been driven more by a sudden desire to cloud this leak against his mate and personal passion project, Simon Bridges…

Labour, National deny leaking National leader Simon Bridges’ expenses
National leader Simon Bridges has stopped short of pointing the finger at the Government for leaking details of his travel expenses to the media – but says they are looking for distractions from their own problems.

Speaking to reporters this morning, Bridges said he didn’t know who leaked his quarterly expenses, which show he racked up more than $100,000 in accommodation and travel.

…let’s be clear. the fact Bridges spent over $100k on travel means sweet bugger all. I’m not one of those freaks who screams about the cost of these things, this is just the price of a functioning democracy and is spit in the ocean of what Government spends, but the fact it was leaked is deeply fascinating and that would have been known by whoever leaked it because it suggests deep problems from within National.

As to who leaked it?

I know most of the Operators on the Left & none of them have the imagination or humour to have snapped Bridges on his expenses, let alone have the time on their hands to play games like this. Most of the Government’s Wellington Operators are barely able to get through the average day without accidentally setting themselves on fire (look at the Wally Haumaha abortion to appreciate their limitations), no this was done from within National.

The mainstream media keep suggesting there’s no reason for National Operatives to do this because the Party is polling at an astronomical 45%, that misses the incandescent rage of your average National voter who sees that number and feels anger they aren’t leading. That high polling isn’t a defence for Bridges, it’s become an aggravating charge.

Now who has a history of dirty politics and a feral desire for the power of Leadership within the National Party and who still feels aggrieved that they were not given the Deputy Leader position after the  Leadership battle when English stepped down?

Who can possible say?

In a totally unrelated issue, here’s a funny internet picture.


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  1. Sam Sam says:

    The best Star Wars hook, line and sinker works best when a childhood is ruined.

  2. Michelle says:

    who has form for this type of behaviour the same group being sued by uncle Winny for breaching someones privacy .

    • Sam Sam says:

      That media monopoly the Herald wanted – forget about it.

      The herald subsidies – forget about it.

      First hand Ministerial statements – forget about.

      The New Zealand Herald or New Zealand gender studies is a nothing more than a rabid dog.

  3. XRAY says:

    Simon is pissed.

    “A leak from Parliament, involving Members of Parliament, has to be taken very seriously.”

    Ironic, hypocrite, two faced, what can you possibly say?

    This man has a very short memory does he not? His National Party, you know the one, the same one he was a minister of, the same one that ran a smear machine out of THE PM’s office, John Keys that is, the SAME party that leaked privileged information with breath taking regularity to hit the weak and defenceless rolled around in this kind if dirty politics like pigs in shit.

    Does it not concern you Simon that your current deputy was bloody infamous for it!

    Geez Simon, where the hell were you pal with all your indignation and self righteousness whilst your party wrote the book on defaming.

    Maybe, just maybe you want to be looking a teeny weeny bit closer to home, your wonderful party specialises in this shit.

    Anyway, that $113k less for something that would benefit this nation!

  4. Observer Tokoroa says:

    It is only right that Simon Bridges should be entitled to top line expensive Transport and Accommodation.

    Firstly, he is a Capitalist and has prior right to everything in New Zealand. Everyone knows that.

    Secondly, 45% of Voters in New Zealand demand that he and them should have no limit on whatever they want, because they are the true leaders of the nation.

    Anybody else – as the farmers openly say – is a Pig.

    The factual motto of Capitalism is: “Only the wealthy have the right to Live”. All else is struggle and Pigshit.

  5. Christine says:

    Agreed, the money Bridges spent is no big deal. Nor is the leaking of it – that’s the way National, and no doubt others, function.

    A judicial or other enquiry re information about to be made public is a waste of money, and a bit of a rort in light of previous leaks.

    Simon could save time and taxpayer money by repeating, ‘Conspiracy theorist’, to himself. I see no reason why they can’t all just say, ‘Conspiracy theorist,’ to each other first thing every morning. And before they go home at night.

  6. Mike the Lefty says:

    Several sources, including the National Party themselves, have confirmed that only the National Party, the Speaker, and the very top few of the parliamentary library staff would have received this information.
    It is inconceivable that Trevor Mallard would risk his own political career and compromise the neutrality of the Speaker’s office to do this.
    It is also highly unlikely that the Parliamentary Library staff would do this or allow this to happen on their watch because it would be instant death to their jobs and careers.
    So the most logical answer is that it is a National Party internal leak to a willing accomplice in the media.
    So who spilt the beans?
    Did Simon Bridges do it himself to try and get some kind of moral backlash against Labour, thereby transferring the dirty politics away from his own party?
    Unlikely, seeing as National have long convinced themselves that they are as clean as a white tornado and any one that says otherwise is just a commie stirrer, with the nodding approval of the MSM. And also Simon Bridges is holding his own with the electorate, he can’t compete head-on with Jacindamania but he has a modest but firm support base within the party and generally comes across well to the public. It is hard to see what he would gain by leaking details of his own expenditure.
    Paula Bennett?
    I don’t think so, Paula Bennett is not ready to be National Party leader and Leader of the Opposition. She is not liked in the party grassroots and detested by the general public due to her offensive attitude towards society’s disadvantaged. If she becomes leader National will be toast at the next election and she knows it.
    The likely leaker is Judith Collins, the one who lost most in the recent leadership changes, the one who is most likely to sacrifice anyone else’s interests to advance her own career and the darling of the alt-right and big business.
    It would certainly be in her interests to bring down Simon Bridges.

  7. countryboy says:

    How the fuck did I miss your earlier sentence??

    “I’m not one of those freaks who screams about the cost of these things,”

    What. The. Fuck!?
    What do you mean ” one of those freaks” ? I’m certainly one of those freaks, thank you very fucking much.
    If our ‘ democracy’ was ‘functioning’ bridges would be riding a bike and staying at camping grounds. We’re only 4.7 million people, for fucks sake. He could do his job, i.e. our business, via fucking SKYPE.
    Our ‘democracy’ isn’t functioning at all! It’s fucked! It’s a cluster of fucks. Our ‘vote’ means nothing. We have two main parties who’re so much alike the only way to tell them apart is by the colour of their fucking ties and while our ‘democracy’ functions’ we have foreign-scum banksters sucking at our tits to foreign share holders while our democratic homeless live in democratic gutters as Mr Bridges spends up large on 1st class plane rides and swanky hotels.
    Me? Freak? Screaming? Too fucking right mate!

  8. let me be frank says:

    False flag to undermine JC?….as you note the material is not damaging but the leak is….and youve fingered the all too obvious candidate

  9. Rickoshay says:

    hard to gender any sympathy what so ever for these manipulators, time for an Investigation of ALL party’s election finances, lets find out whos really in control of our country, US or THEM but i bet thatll be the last thing any poli wants lol, we need a special task force tasked with financial tracking of all money donated to Political party,s, ie: who donated what to who, where it went, what it was used for.
    Then publish it all

  10. In Vino says:

    I see that bumptious young Soimon is loudly demanding a full and independent investigation! Obviously to boost his own importance, and show the righteous indignation that this catastrophic revelation has caused him..
    I know this can’t be done, but I would very much like to raise the stakes for him. If such an enquiry is held (and I have just heard that Trecor Mallard is going to mount an enquiry) I think it only fair that taxpayers’ money should not be spent upon it. So if the outcome shows that any political party is involved, then that political party should be required to pay the full cost of the enquiry.
    (Soimon might suddenly change his mind…)

  11. Keepcalmcarryon says:

    Mallards rush to investigate is good politics, it looks balanced, it also suggests A) it wasn’t him, and B) it’s highly likely a National party hit job which will make them look divided if proven.

  12. Cassie says:

    ..”FUNCTIONING democracy ????…….F U N C T I O N I N G ??????

    It has been THE O P P O S I T E

    – FOR D E C A D E S .

    Since the 1980’s COUP .

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