Trump’s Space Force, Putin awe and trade wars with China, Iran, Turkey & Venezuela – how Donald is dismantling the entire global order


In the constant twitter blitzkrieg from Trump, through the oceans of toxic  politics and the ever growing war against the truth, we would be forgiven if we were somehow lulled into a state of shocked passive apathy that at least Donald as a vengeful chaos actor isn’t here to stay, that his permanence on reality is an unfortunate experiment that has accidentally happened and there is no reason to his madness.

Donald Trump, an American revenge fantasy fuelled on dislocated cultural resentment barking at every car that passes has the silver lining that he’s too controlled by his feral insecurities and internal doubts to pose an ongoing assault against progress.

I think that view of Trump may be accurate, but the handlers around him have learnt fawning flattery are the steering wheel to this President and they’re over arching strategies are the ones being implemented by a President who sees them as just new tools to hammer out his endless seething resentment against the rest of humanity.


Space Force

‪I get we are all mocking Trump’s ‘Space Force’ but it actually represents a dangerous militarisation of Space.

American Hawks see China and Russia’s new generation of first strike nuclear weapons as a direct challenge to American hegemony and militarising space is a response to that challenge.

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Opening up a new frontier of hostility in an area once agreed to be for mutual scientific benefit to humanity isn’t just a crime against shared human achievement, it’s the start of a new weapons race with unstable triggers.


Putin Awe

Many have hoped the fawning display by Trump towards Putin was proof positive the Russian Leader has dirt on Trump. I’m not ruling that out, but there is another frame Trump’s jaw dropping response to Putin needs to be viewed through.

The Alt-Right’s love affair with Putin started when Putin made life difficult for Obama. The Alt-Right’s gnawing hatred of Obama was such that anyone who challenged him, even a cold blooded KGB thug, became a hero in their eyes. It was this vortex of spite and vitriol that helped spawn Trump’s brand of political resentment and Trump came to the White house viewing Putin as much a hero as the Alt-Right did.

Trump’s display at Helsinki could be that of a guilty conscience, but it could also be the behaviour of a slathering star struck fan who was meeting his idol.

I fear simply hoping Trump trips up on the Kremlin to end this nightmare early via impeachment for collusion is wishful thinking.


Trade wars with China, Iran, Turkey & Venezuela

The Hawks around Trump are convinced China is far more economically weak than they pretend to be, and that the best way to avoid direct military confrontation with Beijing is to pull their economy down through a trade war.

This unilateral economic stance has repercussions and we are seeing those in Turkey, the unbelievably stupid decision on Iran and the self inflicted misery of Venezuela.

Each three of those countries face enormous economic meltdown as collateral damage to Trump’s trade war with China. The possibility for miscalculation here is as dangerous as military confrontation because any one of those countries in economic free fall could trigger far larger regional depressions which all have the possibility of triggering global impacts.

This plan to destabilise China economically is also dangerous because a wounded China is unlikely to simply regress from the global stage, they are likely to do what any emerging power that is being slowly strangled does – go to war.

We forget how much of an impact economic sanctions by America on Japan had to do with Japan’s decision to strike at Pearl Harbour.

Trump isn’t just a mad dog barking at everything that passes him, his plans, as empty headed as they appear, have deceptively huge ramifications on the rest of us.

Trump really is as dangerous as he is grotesquely offensive.  Donald doesn’t just burn books, he incinerates shared future‬.


  1. The American Dream was only ever a short-term aberration in the grand scheme of things, brought about by access to easily-extracted petroleum and the industrialisation of agriculture. The easily-extracted petroleum in the US has been largely consumed, and the industrialised agriculture system has depleted soils and aquifers whilst poisoning the land and the people.

    It would make little difference which idiot, or compulsive liar, or even honest socialist was installed in the White House, America can never be ‘made great again’: the Great Descent -a natural consequence of squandering energy and resources and wrecking the environment- is underway (not just for America but also for every nation).

    Sadly, any nation that remains intimately tied to America will be taken down by America’s collapse. And any nation that stands up to America’s hegemony will be targeted as an enemy.

    Needless to say, with its nuclear shield, its sophisticated weaponry, its huge land mass, its enormous resources and relatively low population, Russia will end up the ‘last man standing’. Putin knows that.

    • You have summed up the predicament very succinctly AFKTT. Unfortunately our present Govt. is blissfully unaware of all this !

  2. LOL Bomber, why dont you like the Trumpet? Isnt he the president America deserves? As for President Putin, he dont rock round the world swinging his dick, ask ISIS he more than any other leader kicked thier ass to the curb in Syria while America funded those arse clowns, personally i think hes a much better leader for his country despite his negative press in the west than the dancing drunk darling of the MSM Boris Yelsun ever was.
    You cant be all bad when the local Bikers love you, i would bet hes got a “Night Wolf” tattoo on his ass ROFL

    • In the 1930s, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, etc, were also views as strong, decisive leaders standing staunch against “International Communism” and the “Jewish Menace”. Now its “Global Corporations” and the “Yellow Peril” that are targetted by lovers of Strong Leaders. Just ask Steve Bannon, who has been predicting/egging-on war with China for years. The alt-right can’t exist and grow without demons to joust with. The alt-right love Putin because he’s white. They hate China and muslims because, well, they’re not. Any questions?

  3. I’m not sure Turkey, Iran and Venezuela are collateral damage to Trump’s trade war with China. Turkey’s plight is directly attributable to rising US interest rates that are sucking money out of emerging markets.

    • Kia ora.

      You are absolutely right, there wasn’t a directive against those countries by Trump, but his destabilising of the global order for America Uber Alles styled unilateralism that Trump embodies is causing shock waves that are inadvertently swamping emerging markets

  4. I’m still not sure if Trump is helping or hurting the US. Pardon my confusion, but if he’s ultimately hurting the US’s de facto hegemony with his spiteful anti-globalism rhetoric, isn’t that overall a good thing (assuming no war is started) long-term for us? Or are we supposed to be terrified that he’s is actually somehow making America great again?

  5. There’s an interesting line on Trump and the Iran nuclear deal here…
    Trump doesn’t have American policy all his own way. It might be a long time before we see what he really wants to do if ever. But getting on with Russia doesn’t seem like a silly idea to me. And Putin got around 70% electoral support.
    As far as I can see Putin is the adult in the room of world affairs at the moment and hopefully for a few years to come. The provocations the US and the UK are throwing at him would try the patience of a saint. And it is all about creating a story to try to turn US voters agains Trump. If they could get rid of him they would immediately start to repair relations with Russia before he does lose patience.
    D J S

    • “Putin got around 70% electoral support.”

      There are elections in China too where those who win office get an incredibly high proportion of the vote. This was also the case when Russia was part of the USSR. So? Just because a regime goes through the motions of running elections, it doesn’t mean they’re free and fair. Unless it’s been independently verified that the published election results actually represent how votes were cast, and that voters suffer no negative consequences for voting for opposition candidates, election results are meaningless window dressing.

      • ‘Just because a regime goes through the motions of running elections, it doesn’t mean they’re free and fair.’

        Absolutely! Thus, throughout the so-called free world governments are usually ‘the best that money can buy’ -that money coming from corporate sponsors and wealthy individuals with agendas not in any way linked to the common good.

        ‘election results are meaningless window dressing’


        Thus, all governments are essentially the same and everything that matters gets made worse whoever is nominally in power because real power does not reside with governments but behind the scenes….mostly with the international banks and corporations.

        Of course, there is far greater power than so-called governments or banks or corporations which is usually completely unacknowledged: the laws of mathematics, physics and chemistry.

        Thus, we are witnessing the slow but inevitable collapse of ‘everything’, which is a direct consequence of the failure of so-called leaders to recognise the physical constraints the laws of mathematics, physics and chemistry impose.

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