The sad spite of the ACT Party


While Brash’s brand of malicious race baiting is in vogue again, Seymour steps up the tune and pledges to mutilate NZ politics by robbing the indigenous Treaty Partner of their only electoral bulwark against total assimilation.

This is mugging representative democracy for bigots.

The Māori electorates are there to represent Māori, you can’t just say there are lots of Māori in various different political parties so Māori have gotten the representation they should gain as a Treaty Partner, those seats guarantee a Māori perspective.

ACT want to take the politics out of identity.

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Demanding to slash the proportional feature of MMP by reducing the number of MPs to 100 is like amputating your foot because you feel its weight is holding you back from running faster.

It’s small government sophistry wrapped with a bit of garden variety racism.

I’m grateful that ACT are wasting time on this spite because it means they haven’t stumbled onto how much gold there is to mine in the culture war.


  1. Cutting MPs down to 100 MPs is just a resurrection of an old populist policy that resurfaces every few years on the back of a general decline in national confidence.
    I think the present number is about right, especially considering the large increase in population over the past decade.
    Cutting the number of MPs to 100 risks having our MPs burning out with overwork caused by having to represent so many more people. Also there is the risk that with less time and more people, MPs may be pressured more by the demands of large well-financed lobby groups at the expense of ordinary individuals.
    Also you can never expect National or ACT to support the existence of Maori electorates, because neither has a feasible chance of winning any.
    The latest 5-yearly Maori electorate change option results will be out soon and we shall see whether Maori want to keep their separate seats or not.

  2. One man ban (act) with far too much too say and far too much time on his hands (Dwtstars) time to get rid of this idiot

  3. Ironically, if the number of mps was dropped to 100 I believe Seymour would stand a fair chance of losing his seat.

    If this is Act’s contribution to politics, time to oull the plug on their life-support.

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