The Liberal Agenda – Send ‘jailhouse lawyer’ Arthur Taylor to Criminal Justice Summit Wellington 20-22 August


Arrange for inmate, advocate and successful litigator Arthur Taylor to bring his unique experience and insight to this historic Hui. We want him to attend in person, and be able to do a presentation.


Why is this important?

The upcoming Justice Summit is a unique chance to reform the criminal justice system and all voices should be represented.

Arthur has a birds eye view of the justice system. As a person in prison he can bring a perspective from the inside. As a lawyer he has taken prisoner voting rights to the Supreme Court and recently, he has done the work of the police and a public service by prosecuting a an informant in a double-murder case.

He sees the systemic racism in all Corrections actions which disproportionately and negatively impact Maori, and are a Treaty issue at constitutional level.

Arthur Taylor knows the prison system inside and out and has requested to attend the Summit. He has much to offer, problem solving, solution focussed ideas for reducing reoffending, reducing the shocking, systemically biased rates of incarceration.

His success in holding power to account has transformed our country’s legal system. He is the most informed of all of us – from inside, with the legal thinking.

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We have a vision of a more compassionate justice system built on community and connection, which prioritises prevention of crime, restoration of harm and rehabilitation of people.


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  1. There were contact details on the site if you need financial assistance with travel/accomm. The summit itself is free but it appears you missed the deadline.

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