GUEST BLOG: Hone Hararwira – Israel doesn’t want you to see this

By   /   August 12, 2018  /   5 Comments

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Whenever a dictatorship says “don’t show this” we have an obligation to show it far and wide …

Whenever a dictatorship says “don’t show this” we have an obligation to show it far and wide …


Hone Harawira is the leader of the MANA Movement 

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  1. simonm says:

    Another proud day for “the only democracy in the Middle East”.

  2. countryboy says:

    Well done Hone Harawira.

  3. stephen says:

    Israel is only 70 years old and thanks to the Britz and the western oligarchs Rothschild family etc.. and racism towards the indigenous Palestinian which could also be construed as antisemitism. It is a country that is fomented on the blood and brutalization of the indigenous people whom just happen to be Arabs.

  4. John W says:

    Non of NZ’s major parties would show this as they are all too busy doing as they are told by Israeli / US interests.

    Hone you stand for NZ not foreign banks and the power / money machine run basically by Zionist psychopaths and their sycophants parasites.

  5. Lois Griffiths says:

    Hone, I know where this happened. I’ve been there.

    It’s in the West Bank, between Jerusalem and Jericho,  where Bedouin, the Jahalin people  after being forcibly removed from their homeland in the Negev, were dumped by a busy highway..with nothing. The people wanted a school for their children. They accomplished what everyone thought  would be impossible .They built with their own labour , with help from Pax Christi Jerusalem and an Italian NGO,  an eco-friendly school in spite of the many building restrictions imposed on  them. Now the Israelis want to (maybe they’ve done it by now) demolish their school, the ‘car tire school’ of Khan al Ahmar, and all other structures and dump  the Jahalin next to a large Jerusalem rubbish dump.
    This youtube, and thank you, Hone for getting it shown, was taken at a demo when the people tried to save their school.

    I’ve written about the school

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