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Political Caption Competition

By   /  August 9, 2018  /  11 Comments

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Cue the ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’ theme song.

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Cue the ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’ theme song.

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  1. Ada says:

    “I feel really bad for Golriz – at least I’m young enough to start another career after the election.
    And people still believe my CV”.

  2. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    “Get woke, go broke”.

  3. Andy says:

    Has one, is one

  4. Andy says:

    A Caring Understanding Nineties Type

  5. Mjolnir says:

    “It’s 6PM, has the Daily Blog done another blogpost on enabling neo-fascists?”

  6. CLEANGREEN says:

    I simply don’t care what i say now see!!!

    Even if you dont think I can be the next Prime Minister!!!

    Now that will get the media finally noticing me!!

    Because i am so left out of the news now,- and need some coverage.

    So the plan was to say silly things and get some press cover,- thats my plan!!!

    Opps,- it didn’t work, – bugger.

  7. WILD KATIPO says:

    She received death threats from the alt right as a direct result of Lauren Southerns visit , and called the same…

    Just remember that.

    And as a gutsy young woman who is not in the habit of backing down to scumbags… do you really think she will be easily phased by sanctimony?


    While this world burns, media attention is focused instead on a swear word.

    You would be better to focus on those without running water, electricity , those without adequate finances, those without homes, those without hope.

    And yes.

    I am talking about those living here in New Zealand.

    Not Africa, not South America, not South East Asia, … but right here in New Zealand.

    Priority’s, people, … priority’s.

    Poverty does not stand on ceremony when it visits.

    And it could just as easily be your door it comes knocking on next …

  8. Robert Atack says:

    I’m the Muppet that in the light of abrupt climate change and human extinction … produced 6 children. 22After.com

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