The Liberal Agenda – Dr Cornel West & Douglas Murray 17 August – ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland


Social justice crusader, Dr Cornel West, and conservative author and journalist, Douglas Murray, are almost touching the soils of Australia and New Zealand for a polarising tour. We are only one week away from some of the most enlightening debates of the year – for both sides!

17 August – ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland

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  1. Shouldn’t we run this by Phil Goff, Jacinda, Auckland Peace Action, FIANZ and Antifa first? Murray seems like a bit of a nazi.

    • Douglas Murray is a far right Nazi.

      We need to ban him from the country..

      All NZers agree with me, without exception.

      (Channelling the PM)

      • You’ll get another bite at the cherry when Jordan B Peterson arrives in New Zealand next month. Must be like Christmas for you.

    • “Murray seems like a bit of a nazi.”

      If he is, then he is one that certainly does his research homework.

      Both speakers are well spoken and erudite, I regret not being able to attend.

    • I’ve watched him, what a racist. Of course the world is my fault, being a patriarchal hetero male, but hell looking white is the nail in my coffin.

  2. Never mind all that , – WHO’S doing the catering? And are there going to be doughnut’s with real cream fillings being served?,- And flaky pastry sausage rolls as well ?

  3. My suggestion from Martyn Bradbury’s column: ‘By banning Don Brash, the Woke Left strike another blow for recruiting fascists’

    ‘National MP Chris Bishop has confirmed he will still speak at Massey University next week, after criticising a decision to block Don Brash from speaking there.
    Mr Bishop wrote to the university’s vice-chancellor Jan Thomas to request she reverse her decision, which he described as “appalling”.
    He said he had yet to get a response to his letter, but had decided to go ahead with his speaking engagement.
    “I’m going to go, I think that cancelling the speech in protest at a cancelled speech would be a bit of a strange reaction. So I’m going to go and give a speech defending the principles of free speech.”
    The leader of the National Party, Simon Bridges, was scheduled to speak at Massey University’s – Manawatū Campus this afternoon.’

    I rest my case:

    Jum says:
    August 7, 2018 at 6:06 pm
    On the other hand, the authority who banned Brash may know very well that by taking that action was encouraging the far right to use this as a point of attack. Not every person running a university is a left leaner.

  4. I note that there is no evidence of a plethora of groups spring up to oppose these two men speaking. No threats to deplatform them or to setup protests. The double standard is quite telling.

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