Protest at Tegel headquarters today – Direct Animal Action

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What: Protest at Tegel headquarters

Who: Direct Animal Action and locals from Kaipara District and Kāpehu marae

When: Wednesday 8 August, 12pm

Where: 100 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Auckland

Today animal advocacy group Direct Animal Action will join with locals from the Kaipara District and Kāpehu marae to protest outside Tegel’s headquarters in Newmarket.

The protest is happening today on what would have seen the start of a council hearing to decide the fate of Tegel’s proposed mega chicken factory.

“Tegel have stalled their mega factory plans because they’re running scared in the face of so much public opposition and evidence of their abysmal animal welfare practices,” says Deirdre Sims, spokesperson for Direct Animal Action.

“We’re teaming up with Kaipara locals to keep the pressure on Tegel because we all want them to pull the plug on their mega farm for good,” says Ms Sims.

Kaipara local Karen Exley says, “We’re protesting because even in the face of large scale opposition from the community, the health board and both the regional and district councils, Tegel have not withdrawn their application only suspended it to give themselves more time to develop arguments for the proposal. We want Tegel to realise they’re not going to get away with stalling tactics and we plan on keeping up the pressure by protesting and fundraising.”

Ms Sims continues, “A large proportion of New Zealand is really disappointed in Tegel after the horrific animal suffering we revealed at of their farms last week. The Ministry for Primary Industries are investigating and we’re still awaiting the results but we’re hopeful of a prosecution.”

“In addition to Tegel’s poor animal welfare practices, their bullying of the Kaipara locals and Kāpehu marae over the mega farm is just unacceptable. Tegel haven’t been listening to Kaipara’s concerns but luckily the rest of New Zealand has.”

“We’re really looking forward to standing side by side with the Kaipara locals to show Tegel the fights not over yet,” says Ms. Sims.

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