E tū: Maori TV CEO claims disappointing

By   /   August 7, 2018  /   Comments Off on E tū: Maori TV CEO claims disappointing

E tū is disappointed with the media statement issued by Maori TV’s CEO, Keith Ikin and his suggestion that the union is obstructing pay talks.

“We completely reject this,” says Joe Gallagher, E tū Industry Coordinator, Communications.

“We met with our members on Thursday after talks with Maori TV where they made an improved offer. While we appreciate the effort that went into that, our members rejected it,” he says.

“Maori TV offered a pay rise of 0.9 percent and we asked them to increase that by 0.1 percent and also sought an extra day of annual leave.

“Our response to their offer is extremely modest and to suggest we’re posturing in the media is rubbish.

“We are not posturing: we are representing the wishes of our members, who rejected an offer that’s not quite there.

“A tiny tweak is all that’s needed to resolve this dispute. So, our message to Keith Ikin is to stop trying to score points in the media and let’s get this deal done.”

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Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,