Synthetic Cannabis death spike – NZ Politicians have blood on their hands


Let’s be completely clear here.

The shocking spike in the number of deaths from synthetic cannabis is a direct result of Parliament scrapping the Psychoactive Substances Act and the continued cannabis prohibition- NZ MPs have blood on their hands!

If the actual legal framework had been adopted, we wouldn’t have these deaths now.

If actual cannabis was legal, we wouldn’t have these deaths now.

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If we had politicians of conviction and not cowards, we wouldn’t have these deaths now.

What is the response by the Government?

We have some National Party dickhead who wants to expand the prison sentences for synthetic dealers , which will just make it more dangerous for the users and we have a Government too gutless to put forward real cannabis reform and an Opposition who wants to reform but only so the Pharmaceutical Industry profits.

You want to end synthetic cannabis deaths?

Legalise real cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. Cripple organised crimes ability to make money out of this. Tax and regulate the industry and use part of the $500m each year in revenue and saved prohibition costs to fully fund drug rehab.

It sickens me that Parliament is not only gutless, but their moralistic bullshit is actually killing people now.



  1. NZ Medical Assn on Medicinal Cannabis

    ( what an unethical, uncaring , paternalistic, statement of entitlement… considering the deliberate and deadly harms done to our elderly and disabled with BIG PHARMA opioid drugs for pain …and NZ youth who are forced by the law to use the substitute deadly synthetic cannabis because growing the real natural herb is illegal…also those denied life giving cannabis to alleviate seizures and epilepsy )

    …how many New Zealanders has the medical profession killed?…and how many New Zealanders have our politicians killed by joining with this medical cartel?

    • i went and read that summary..

      and i wouldn’t paint it the way you have..

      i thought it was quite balanced..for them..

      (i’m almost grinding my teeth to have to be writing in defence of these pill-pushing bastards…but y’now..!..fair do’s..!..)

  2. There needs to be a Commission of Inquiry into the use of opioids on our elderly, when home grown Cannabis could have been used to alleviate pain.

    There also needs to be a safe place for whistle blowers.

    There should also be an independent examination of the Health and Disability Commission as public watch dog. Reports are that it is woefully inadequate and not performing its job.

    Is this happening in New Zealand?

    This is happening in New Zealand

    It is the medical profession and BIG PHARMA who should be on trial, for making people suffer needlessly and in some cases die prematurely , by denying the legal use of a plant grown naturally on Mother Earth which has been used for thousands of years as a natural medicine

    Lets face it, pain and suffering is big money and the medical profession and BIG PHARMA want cannabis outlawed from home grown and free use because their of their own personal greed….they would prefer to use manufactured opioids which are causing an epidemic of addiction and death

    Is this happening in New Zealand?…and are doctors being bribed?

  3. to many to count my friend, thats why they are guilty of crimes against Humanity and should be in court because of this very situation, doctors included, and did you hear any complaints when the courts decided we where all guilty and must prove our innocence with no access to legal aid?
    another crime against Humanity and a breach our our founding legal principals. (You fukked up that law Winston)
    There is NO justice in a country when people are told that they are convicted because they cant afford a LAWYER, or told they cant get medical care because they are to POOR, BURN BABY BURN

  4. lets do some maths here – referendum in 2020..

    continuing current trends – 45 more deaths to june 2019..

    and 45 more deaths in yr to june 2020…

    take at least a yr after referendum to actually see any change.. that’s another 45 deaths..

    so..we are going to piss away 20 million on a referendum that everyone knows will show overwhelming support for change/sanity..?

    ..and we are going to piss away about 150 young new zealanders’ lives…?

    for what reason are we going to do this..?

    just – fucken – legalise – it – now…!

  5. I googled deaths from Cannabis…and the answer..0 Zero.not one … history of Cannabis use around the world. But 45 deaths from synthetics in NZ. In a year…unaceptable. then to see Dinosaurs in National like westie Bennett asking if Winston supports the sale of Loose Leaf Cannabis. I wonder where she read that people want to buy leaf…over Flowers… i guess it must be the leaf symbol people use associated with cannabis.

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