National Party speaking out of both sides of their mouth over free speech


Let’s get this straight.

National have no problem with alt-right crypto-fascsists speaking because, you know, free speech and freedom of expression…

Bridges backs free speech for far-right writers banned from Auckland Council venues
National leader Simon Bridges says two Canadian far-right writers should be able to come to New Zealand and speak, even if people disagree with their views.

Bridges was commenting today on a decision by Auckland Mayor Phil Goff to ban controversial pair Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux from using Auckland Council-owned venues for their New Zealand tour.

The pair are known for their far-right views on topics ranging from feminism and immigration to Islam.

…but when it comes to Gangs, National want to ban their patches in public…

National MP wants gang patches banned in public
Members of the National Party met at a workshop at the party’s annual conference to raise issues with MPs around law and order.

A common concern was the presence of gangs and the intimidation some, particularly women, felt when walking around their local streets.

Mr Mitchell said the Mongrel Mob turned up in his Rodney electorate last year and their presence in places like malls was intimidating.

“It feels to me like they’re becoming more visible, they’re certainly more sophisticated in the way that they operate and work but they’re definitely becoming more visible and it’s almost like they’re starting to flex their muscles a bit.”

Mr Mitchell said gang patches should be banned in all public places.

…so crypto-fascsists have the right to protection under freedom of speech, but gang members don’t?

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Does that mean, according to National, that you get freedom of speech if you are white, but not of you are brown?

How truly vile.


  1. Other countries have a “war on terrorism”. Our version is our “war on gangs”

    • This is the problem with pakeha party mentality. If it’s a brown movement or a brown issue they’re right there at the head of the pack with statistics and leadership and all that and brown leaders just have to except that pakeha have to lead brown people. But as soon as it’s a pakeha or a mainstream issue National MPs are no where to be seen.

      • All the major political parties, which I agree are a construct of our European style political system, are currently led by those who have some Maori ancestry. Please stop white NZ’r bashing as all it does is drive a wedge further into our already polarised society.

  2. National are toast now since the front bench is so old and notn one has the star quality to get the voter interested now.

    National cant re-invent the fresh style that labour used to get back into government so national will langish for the next ten years and just as well because it will take labour that long to fix the country now after it was burned by Nationals rorting slash and sell policies.

    • They would, if they could get off their zimmerframes and struggle onto a 50cc niftyfifty Suzuki, David. I can’t even recall the last time I saw a Hells angel patched member. A bit “retro”, don’t you think?

    • Not like all those grey, faceless, nameless bureaucratic & establishment tribes in suits & ties eh.

  3. This is about Mark Mitchell trying to look significant by copying what’s gone down in Queensland. Mark Mitchell protector of women ? I thought that rescuing a dog was the high point of Mitchell’s time in Iraq.

  4. Can Simon Bridges honestly say the gangs are becoming more visible just because he saw them one time in Rodney?
    I think if you did the research you would find the opposite, they are less visible, if no less dangerous.
    As for the banning of gang patches in public, this is done in lots of places with local body by-laws and it generally seems to work well with the police in these places so why bother?
    I tell you why – because it is a traditional National Party stunt that is dusted off and resurrected from time to time when National is feeling sorry for itself.
    And they are still feeling very sorry for themselves, that is obvious, hence the need to bring in foreign right wing cheerleaders to cheer them up by telling them what they want to hear: “You were cheated at the last election…..moan moan whinge whinge…..”

  5. another Knat copy cat approach, The Aussy,s have been sending back their most violent gang members to this country, where are we gonna send them? Prison penal colony on Auckland island no doubt.
    This action is the most disgusting practice that there is, they have Kiwi,s locked in Concentration camps, personally i think we should cut ties with every state that behaves like unkle Adolf,s bastard cuzzies.

  6. I don’t see any reference to banning brown free speech just patches. In my misspent youth when I wore a patch we used get a real kick out of cracking up the straights (mainstream kiwi’s). One per center rebels without a cause (good times but nothing I’m proud of).

    As far as I can remember Muldoon, the leader of the Nats gang back then, got on pretty well with Auckland gangs, some even attended his funeral. Ironically enough it was working class hero Kirk & his mob that tried to eradicate gang culture by coming up with the unlawful assembly law. It was his henchman, the fanatical top ChCh cop Tait, that tear gassed us, smacked us over, threw us in the slammer & charged us under this new law. Luckily for us the silly bugger arrested heaps of us the day before the law came into force so we got off on appeal. What a hoot that was, a big slap in face for both Taint & Kirk.

  7. “Does that mean, according to National, that you get freedom of speech if you are white, but not of you are brown?”

    And the penny drops.

  8. I remember my Sundays at Duder’s beach, down Clevedon way in the late 60s to early 80s where there were often gang members present. They managed without their patches there, & they often engaged me in conversation with them. As a NZRN it was inappropriate that we nurses wore uniform in public (except District Nurses). Times change & IMO it’s still inappropriate (& unhygienic) to wear nurse’s uniform in public. I can do very well without seeing gang-patched guys on the streets. IMO, It’s really a sign of their fundamental insecurity that they feel the need to wear their patches when out in the public eye.

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